800 Indian Employees Resign When Ordered To Work From Office!

800 Indian Employees Resign When Ordered To Work From Office!
800 Indian Employees Resign When Ordered To Work From Office!

In the last two months, WhiteHat Jr witnessed more than 800 employees quitting their jobs after being asked to work from office as per an exclusive report.


WhiteHat Jr Quitting Job

Above mentioned WhiteHat Jr is a platform to learn coding which was acquired by BYJU’S.

The firm has asked its employees to return to office within a month’s time. 

The edtech company announced its policy to end work from home in a company-wide email on March 18.

According to this, the remote employees were asked to return to office by April 18.

But, around 800 employees resigned from the start-up as they were unwilling to return to office. 

Short Notice For Returning 

Interestingly, these resignations came from full-time employees of the sales, coding, and math teams. 

The coming months may witness more employees to put down their papers.

According to one of the employees who resigned, a month’s time was not enough for relocation. 

Further said, “Some have kids, some have aged and sick parents, while others have other responsibilities. It is not right to call back employees in such a short period of time,”.

Cost Cutting Measure?

It seems that the employee further put the return to office policy down to cost-cutting measures. 

Former employee said, “The company was clearly running in losses. This was a cost-cutting exercise to reduce its expenses without ruining their name in the market,”.

The employee also informed that the salaries also factored in the decision to not return to office. 

An Anticipated Move

While hiring, employees were told about their job location – WhiteHat Jr has offices in Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. 

But, after working from home for two years, employees believed that their salaries should be revised to reflect the cost of living in expensive cities.

According to a former employee “This was a well-planned and managed layoff that WhiteHat Jr did,”.

Earlier, Whitehat Jr was sold to BYJU’S in a $300 million all-cash deal in 2020. 

Another employee expressed, “Subconsciously we knew something like this was going to happen after BYJU’S acquired WhiteHat Jr last year. We all know what sort of an employer BYJU’S is,”.

WhiteHat Jr said, “As part of our back-to-work drive, most of our Sales and Support employees have been asked to report to Gurgaon and Mumbai offices from April 18. We have made exceptions for medical and personal exigencies and have offered relocation assistance as required. Our teachers will continue to work from home,” in an interview.

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