WhiteHat Jr Ads Are Banned By Advertising Body: 5 Ads To Be Removed Because They Are Misleading

WhiteHat Jr Ads Are Banned By Advertising Body: 5 Ads To Be Removed Because They Are Misleading
WhiteHat Jr Ads Are Banned By Advertising Body: 5 Ads To Be Removed Because They Are Misleading

We all have watched the Whitehat Jr advertisements, where kids are encouraged to learn to code and be the next Mark Zuckerbergs of their generations. There have been multiple memes, jokes, and some criticism on these ads as well.

But now, the advertisements have been asked to be pulled down by the advertising council of India.

What’s the reason behind this demand by the advertising council? What is wrong with Whitehat’s advertisements? Read on to find out!

ASCI Asks WhiteHat Jr To Withdraw Advertisements For Dubious and Unsubstantiated Claims

The Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) has asked the kid’s coding startup owned by Byju to pull down their advertisements. The ASCI is the self regulatory body of advertisements. As per reports, the claims made by the advertisers are dubious and unsubstantiated.

As much as 15 complaints have been registered against seven advertisements of WhiteHat Jr. Manisha Kapoor, secretary general of ASCI said, “ASCI has processed 15 complaints against seven advertisements of WhiteHat Jr.” 

She has also confirmed that five of these advertisements were in potential violation of the code of the ASCI. As per Kapoor, the advertiser has agreed to withdraw the advertisements instantly when asked for a response by the ASCI. she said, “The advertiser also has assured ASCI of their cooperation to adhere to the ASCI code going forward.”

“One such advertisement was taken up suo motu by ASCI as well,” says Kapoor. 

WhiteHat Jr Taking Credit For Apps Developed By Children?

For two advertisements, no violation was identified by the ASCI, and hence, complaints against the two advertisements weren’t upheld. As per reports, one of these advertisements could be in potential violation of The Emblems and Name (Prevention of Improper use) Act. Also, Kapoor has said that the government has directed the complainant to approach for this potential violation.

Also, WhiteHat Jr’s claims on social media are being criticized too. Kapoor said, “In recent times, some advertisements have come under scrutiny on social media, and ASCI has been tagged.” However, on contacting WhiteHat Jr, she was told that some of the advertisements were quite old and have already been withdrawn.

Some advertisements by WhiteHat Jr include claims such as “It’s taking him to Silicon Valley, where he will meet top scientists, engineers,” and “This (will) shape their future destiny as tech creators.” 

Additionally, many of the apps actually developed by the kids are up and running on Play Stores, but haven’t been credited to the children who made them. Instead, the credit goes to WhiteHat Jr. 

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