Whitehat Jr, Dunzo, Big Basket Hacked In Last Few Months: India Gets 4 Lakh Malware Everyday!

Whitehat Jr, Dunzo, Big Basket Hacked In Last Few Months: India Gets 4 Lakh Malware Everyday!
Whitehat Jr, Dunzo, Big Basket Hacked In Last Few Months: India Gets 4 Lakh Malware Everyday!


  • Companies like Whitehat Jr, Bigbasket, Dunzo reported huge data breaches
  • Startups and SMEs major target of cyber attackers

With the world shifting to the online paradigm, Crime has also found its place in cyberspace.

In a recent event, National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen (retd) Rajesh Pant revealed that India witnesses 4 lakh pieces of malware and 375 cyber-attacks every day.

CyberPeace Foundation report (CPF) stated that startups and SMEs are the primary victims of cyberattacks. Let’s check out a few of the famous startups who experienced an attack on their IT infrastructure.

 Whitehat Jr Data Leaks

A security researcher found out a pitfall in WhiteHat Jr’s back-end server and reported the data breach. The attack exposed the personal data of over 2.80 lakh students, including the names of their parents. The edtech company claims to have repaired the data leak in 24 hours.

Bigbasket Data Hack

Cybersecurity research firm, Cyble,  found the data of 2 crore users, allegedly belonging to Bigbasket, on sale for Rs 30 lakh on the dark web. The popular e-grocery startups acknowledged the security breach that leaked the names, physical addresses, contact details, password hashes, and IP addresses of the users’ login. A hacking group named “Shinyhunters” is believed to be responsible for this attack.

Dunzo Data Leaks

In July of this year, the personal contact information of 3.4 million users of Dunzo, a hyperlocal delivery startup, was violated. Dunzo affirmed that the loopholes in the servers of a third party that the company worked with permitted attackers to access the data unauthorizedly.

Unacademy Data Breach

Cyble also found the data of 22 million users of Unacademy up for sale on the cybercrime market. The co-founder of the Unicorn edtech startup, Hemesh Singh, stated that the email information of 11 million users and not 22 million as claimed by the security research firm had been compromised. He also assured that no delicate data was breached

Edureka ,Truecaller Haldiram are some of the other companies that were targeted by the cyberattackers. Even the government websites like PM Modi’s website narendramodi.in have been believed to be under attack in october.

Cyber Attackers target common individuals as much as a company with millions of users. The worst part is that the junta isn’t aware of them.  One should not fall prey to fraud calls and phishing emails to be safe from the cyberattacks.

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