Airtel Earned Rs 9.2 Crore/Day In 90 Days; Earned Rs 163 From Every User!

Airtel Earned Rs 9.2 Crore/Day In 90 Days; Earned Rs 163 From Every User!
Airtel Earned Rs 9.2 Crore/Day In 90 Days; Earned Rs 163 From Every User!

Bharti Airtel announced that its consolidated net profit after exceptional items fell 2.8 per cent year-on-year (YoY) to Rs 830 crore for the December quarter compared with Rs 854 crore in the corresponding quarter last year on Tuesday.

Rise In Revenue

Further, the total revenues for the quarter rose 12.6 percent YoY to Rs 29,867 crore compared to Rs 26,518 crore in the year-ago quarter.

For the same time period, Ebitda increased by 22.4 per cent YoY to Rs 14,905 crore, with Ebitda margin expanding to 49.9 percent from 45.9 per cent YoY.

Along with that, the mobile average revenue per user (ARPU) also rose to Rs 163 compared with Rs 146 in the year-ago quarter.

With these figures, the overall customer base for Airtel stood at 48.50 crore across 16 countries.

In the case of India, the revenue increased by 17.9 percent YoY on a comparable basis and 10 per cent YoY on a reported basis. 

At the same time, Ebitda margin for the country stood at 49.8 percent, up 458 basis points YoY.

EBIT margin stood at 15.9 per cent, up 313 basis points YoY. 

Coming to the customer base in India, it stood at 35.6 crore, while the capex incurred in the country stood at Rs 4,654 crore.

On this subject, Airtel said, the rise in ARPU was the outcome of “the company’s unrelenting focus on winning with quality customers by delivering differentiated experience,”.

Further adding that 4G data customers increased 18.1 per cent YoY to 19.55 crore.

Addition Of 4G Customers

Interestingly, the telecom service provider has added 2.99 crore 4G customers to its network over last year.

Airtel said, “ARPU continues to be the best in industry, average data usage per data customer at 18.3 GBs per month and voice usage per customer at 1,061 mins per month. We rolled out additional 7,800 towers and 31,000 mobile broadband base stations in the quarter to provide ubiquitous connectivity and superior network experience,”.

Strong Vibes For Future

Further adding, “Our balance sheet is robust and we are now generating healthy free cash flows. This has enabled us to recently prepay some of our spectrum liabilities to the government, thereby reducing the interest burden. Google’s recent investment is a strong validation of Airtel’s role in being a leading pioneer of India’s digital revolution. Our emerging digital services portfolio across Airtel IQ, AdTech, digital marketplace, Nxtra and digital banking positions us well to build an Airtel of the future”.

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