Ola Electric Car Launching Soon? This Is How Ola’s Electric Car Will Look Like!

Also to note is that the design in the image would be very expensive to produce.

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal unveiled the concept design of the company’s electric car, a day after raising $200 million at a valuation of $5 billion.

Aggarwal had spoken about the company’s plans of launching four-wheel electric vehicles.

Aggarwal shares the concept design.


Design, Final Product

The image he tweeted is that of a hatchback electric car bearing the Ola logo at the front.

It appears to have a futuristic design with an extended windshield, light strip, rear haunches and large wheels.

It should be noted that it is not what the final product would look like since it may see several changes.

Expensive Production

Also to note is that the design in the image would be very expensive to produce.

This is because providing sufficient structural reinforcement to compensate for the Day Light Opening (DLO) area will add to the cost.

Ola Electric is focusing on affordable two-, three- and four-wheelers for everyday use, compared to global players producing luxury sedans and large pickup trucks.

Launch, Competition

It has not shared any further details about the car or its launch timeline. 

But upon launch, it may take on the likes of Tata Nexon, the upcoming MG and Maruti electric cars.

The new EV will likely be based on a born-electric skateboard platform.

Dedicated Centre In Bengaluru

The company plans to develop it indigenously.

It is looking to set up a Global Design Centre in Bengaluru for its electric car division.

This facility will host all the requisite facilities including a CMF (colour, materials and finish) lab as well as a clay modelling centre.

Separate Factory For 4-Wheeler EVs

It already has a state-of-art manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu touted to be the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing site.

This facility can produce 2 million units per year. 

However, the company may set up a separate FutureFactory to build the 4-wheeler EV.

The main challenge electric automakers face in India is the lack of charging infrastructure across the country.

Hypercharger EV Charging Network

Ola may solve this problem by developing a comprehensive solution with a wide charging network along with providing home charging equipment.

It is in the process of setting up a Hypercharger network consisting of 1 lakh charging stations across 400 cities.

Though the firm has confirmed that these stations will power its two wheelers, it is yet to be seen if it will power cars as well.

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