Get Covid-19 Vaccines & Win LED TVs, Refrigerators & More In This Indian City!

Get Covid-19 Vaccines & Win LED TVs, Refrigerators & More In This Indian City!
Get Covid-19 Vaccines & Win LED TVs, Refrigerators & More In This Indian City!

Citizens of Maharashtra are being offered multiple prizes for being vaccinated, a drive to encourage more and more people to be vaccinated against the dangerous COVID-19 disease.

These prizes are anything, right from LED TVs, refrigerators to washing machines.

Read on to find out all the details!

Chandrapur Corporation Announces Vaccination Bumper Lucky Draw; Win Exciting Prizes

A press release by the Chandrapur Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra has announced a vaccination bumper lucky draw and win prizes like LED TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines.

This lucky draw is applicable for citizens who come to the civic-run vaccination centres to get their jabs from November 12 to 24. 

The first, second and third prizes for this are a refrigerator, washing machine and LED television set respectively.

Other than this, 10 citizens will get mixer-grinders as consolation prizes.

As per reports, 1,93,581 citizens have got their first dose of vaccine in Chandrapur city, while 99,620 have received both the doses and are fully vaccinated.

Get Freebies For Being Vaccinated

Recently, we reported to you that an Australian woman named Joanne Zhu has won $1 million dollars after getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease.

There also are several restaurants and businesses that are giving away freebies to their customers if they are vaccinated. 

Here are some of the offers that will be coming your way if you are vaccinated:

  • Chitale Group, which is a popular snacks enterprise in Maharashtra, has announced that they will be giving away a 50 grams packet of their extremely famous Bakarwadi for free after each shot. 
  • In Gujarat, the entire goldsmith community, the Soni community, has come together and joined hands with the Rajkot Municipal Corporation to organize vaccination drives. Women who got vaccinated at this were given gold nose pins and the men were given hand blenders.
  • Restaurants and pubs at Cyber City in Gurugram are reportedly offering a 50% discount for the customers who are fully vaccinated, and 25% discount for those that are vaccinated with the first dose. 
  • Home made food ordering app: PinkAprons is offering flat Rs 150 discount on every food order. This will encourage more and more users to go for vaccination.

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