Silly World Squid Royale Update: Squid Game Inspired Mode All Set, Which Games Will Be There?

Silly World’s Squid Royale inspired from the superhit Netflix show Squid Game is making a lot of buzz. With already around half a million pre-registrations, the Squid Royale mode has been developed by SuperGaming. The makers recently teased the new game mode called Squid Royale, and the makers are offering rewards to both new and existing players for the massive feat and also stretching the goals.

Silly World Squid Royale Update: Squid Game Inspired Mode All Set, Which Games Will Be There?

Silly World is now available with 456 million gold in-game currency, applicable to both existing and pre-registered users.

SuperGaming is aiming for much bigger feats. They plan for bigger milestones such as reaching 750,000 pre-registrations. All the pre-registered users will get double the amount of gold when the game reaches 1 million users. So each user, be it an exacting player or a new one, will get four times the amount of rewards and pre-registered give-aways.

Squid Game became an instant hit, and similarly Squid Royale immediately became a straightaway hit for Silly World bringing in thousands of new players when the Squid Game inspired mode was introduced to the game.

While we don’t know yet whether Netflix will bring in the second season of Squid Game or not, but definitely Squid Royale is letting users live it and enjoy Silly World, a mix of the two worlds in one. Netflix successfully added 4.4 million paid subscribers in the last few weeks riding on the success of Squid Game. 

According to Netflix, 142 million households streamed the popular South Korean drama, which debuted back in September, already being dubbed as the “biggest TV show ever.” Squid Game is still in the top 10 shows in 94 countries on Netflix.

The immense popularity opened up gates for gaming companies to incorporate elements or take inspiration from the show to add modes to their gameplay or introduce similar themes, and Silly World is also ready to deliver the same with Squid Royale.

Silly World App Store page confirms Squid Royale will come with one of the  favourite games from the show, Red Light Green Light in addition to Dalgona Cookie, another popular game from Squid Game. Squid Royale will also feature Tug of War. Silly World Squid Royale is riding high on success at the moment, and we could see a ton of pre-registrations ahead and several new Squid Game inspired features in the Squid Royale mode.

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