Google’s New Company Will Discover Medicines Via Artificial Intelligence & Save Lives

Google's New Company Will Discover Medicines Via Artificial Intelligence & Save Human Lives
Google’s New Company Will Discover Medicines Via Artificial Intelligence & Save Human Lives

In the last two decades, Google has changed the way humans create, transfer, operate, and consume data. The effect of Google on human history is immense. And now with advanced tools like Artificial Intelligence at its disposal, the company is on the way to making a deeper impact on the human species. This time, Google’s parent company Alphabet has launched a startup with an aim of discovering new drugs using AI.

The new Google-Alphabet company is named Isomorphic Laboratories

After the success of DeepMind, the company uses AI to predict the 3D structure of a protein directly from its amino acid sequence, Alphabet has launched Isomorphic Laboratories for discovering new drugs using the power of AI.

“I’m thrilled to announce the creation of a new Alphabet company — Isomorphic Labs — a commercial venture with the mission to reimagine the entire drug discovery process from the ground up with an AI-first approach and, ultimately, to model and understand some of the fundamental mechanisms of life,” DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis said in a statement

Even though Hassabis will serve as the CEO for Isomorphic during the initial phase, the two companies will stay separate and collaborate where relevant. The London-based Isomorphic Labs will work on the most important applications of AI — in the field of biological and medical research.

The company will try to synergize Information Science and Biology

“…there may be a common underlying structure between biology and information science — an isomorphic mapping between the two — hence the name of the company,” Hassabis added further.

“The pandemic has brought to the fore the vital work that brilliant scientists and clinicians do every day to understand and combat disease. We believe that the foundational use of cutting edge computational and AI methods can help scientists take their work to the next level, and massively accelerate the drug discovery process,” Hassabis said in the blogpost..

“As pioneers in the emerging field of ‘digital biology’, we look forward to helping usher in an amazingly productive new age of biomedical breakthroughs,” Hassabis asserted.

According to sources, the new venture also plans to partner with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, using artificial intelligence to discover new medicinal advancements.

So, if very soon we have a cure to treat deadly diseases like HIV AIDS, and Cancer, it won’t be much of a surprise.

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