PUBG: New State Team Deathmatch Mode: Release Date, Station Map, BGMI Payload 2.0

The much-awaited Team Deathmatch mode is returning to the all-new PUBG: New State. Team Deathmatch will be available within the new Station map. It will have multiple storage crates and halted train compartments. Team Deathmatch will come with the new gameplay feature called trunk. It will allow the New State players to store weapons, armour and consumables for both squad and yours.

PUBG: New State Team Deathmatch Mode: Release Date, Station Map, BGMI Payload 2.0

Krafton confirmed PUBG: New State Team Deathmatch development, all set to release next week.

PUBG: New State takes place in 2051, so the Erangel map will also be available with a few upgrades. 

Team Deathmatch will be available in 4v4 game mode which will run for 10 minutes and the first team that will get 40 kills will emerge victorious. Players can regenerate health using Stim Shots. Krafton already teased the Erangel map from PUBG: New State with enhanced graphics.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s much-awaited Payload 2.0 mode is also live now and available in EvoGround. BGMI Payload 2.0 mode includes features such as armed vehicles, additional graphics and explosive weapons to offer a more enhanced gaming experience. The BGMI Payload 2.0 update also includes Metro Royale: Reunion, Runic Power, Survive Till Dawn and Virus Infection – Halloween.

The game modes are available for a limited time, said to be by the end of the current season.

The makers also said that they are working on some other game modes as well for the Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI specific to Indian territory.

Coming to PUBG Mobile’s Payload 2.0 mode, the latest update has all vehicles equipped with weapons along with armoured vehicles including the new armoured helicopter.

The Payload 2.0 mode is also offering features to take down armoured vehicles, and players will have access to armour and weapons which can deal with heavy damage such as guided missiles, heavy attacks and rocket launchers which can be found in Super weapon crates.

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