Traveling With Waiting Ticket? You Will Be Jailed, Heavy Penalty Will Be Imposed!

India’s largest festival, Diwali is around the corner. The whole nation is gearing up to celebrate this festival season with great exuberance after a dull festive season last year because of Covid-19 induced lockdowns. This year India has recovered by leaps and bounds from the fatal blows of Covid-19. Even though India has reached milestones of 1 billion vaccinations, the Government of India still is in the mood of charting ways with caution. And one of the ways it has embraced it is by, not allowing waitlisted people to travel by train.

Traveling with the waitlisted ticket can land you in jail

Nowadays, Indian Railways is doling out only as many tickets as there are seats. It is also practicing Crowd control to prevent the spread of infection. In such a situation, if you have a waiting ticket for the journey, then the railway can charge you a fine. And, if you don’t pay the fine, you can even go to jail.

In Bhopal divisional area, traveling on waiting tickets has been banned. Under this initiative, six thousand passengers are being caught traveling on waiting tickets every day.

According to sources, Bhopal Railway Division is continuing this campaign in all its stations. Under this campaign, a fine of Rs 500 per ticket is being charged from the passenger traveling on a waiting ticket. Such an initiative is being expected to be started in all the railway zones of the country. If this move is implemented throughout the country, then the problems of the passengers whose tickets are still waiting at the festival may increase.

During your train journey blankets, sheets and pillows will be available again

We all are aware that to prevent the infection of Covid 19, the Railways had banned the blankets, pillows, and sheets available during travel in air-conditioned class in all its zones. But now, according to the latest decisions, the railways are going to resume this facility for all the passengers.

But, this service will come at a price. Passengers will have to pay the prescribed fee for blankets, sheets, and pillows. After the end of the journey, passengers are allowed to take them with them if they want. Passengers will have to pay Rs 300 for a complete kit, Rs 180 for a blanket, Rs 70 for a pillow, and Rs 40 for a sheet.

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