Surgical Strike By Google Against Fraud SMS Apps: 151+ SMS Apps Banned

Almost 151 SMS apps have recently been deleted from Google Play!
Almost 151 SMS apps have recently been deleted from Google Play!

We all know that our personal information is not in the safe hands, almost all the apps out there need certain permission to automate in our phone and for that, we give them access. 

Almost 151 SMS apps have recently been deleted from Google Play!

So these apps mainly steal your personal information and money with the help of some programmes that are found in popular keyboards, camera filters, and other utility apps. So whenever you try to sign up for expensive premium SMS services using these apps, which are part of the UltimaSMS campaign. 

According to the Avast analysis, these apps have been downloaded over 10.5 million times around the world and 82 of them are found on the Google Play Store.

What Happens When You Download This Kind Of Apps?

  • These apps won’t be in a fixed category rather they will have a wide range of custom keyboards, QR code scanners, video and photo editors, spam call blockers, camera filters and games, among others. 
  • The underlying app structure of these fraud apps has been reused multiple times. It may seem real but these clones are camouflaged as real apps.
  • These apps steal your location, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and phone number.
  • During signup, there are mandatory prompts where you have to enter your phone number and email address to obtain access to the app’s promised purpose.
  • These apps automatically enrol users in premium SMS services without their knowledge or consent.
  • These apps might use the phone no to realize that money is being deducted from their linked financial accounts.
  • Once you subscribe, the premium SMS services will keep charging money from users’ accounts. Uninstalling the app may not help as the charges continue to be deducted.
  • These scam SMS apps have duped users in over 80 countries

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