These Unvaccinated Passengers Allowed In Mumbai Local (Check Full Rules, Eligibility)

Those below 18 years will be eligible for monthly season tickets (MST). 

School and college students who are below 18 years and ineligible for vaccination can board local trains in Mumbai from 20 October.


New Rules

To that end, the Maharashtra government expanded the definition of fully vaccinated persons to include minors below 18 years and those having medical conditions which prohibit them from taking the Covid-19 vaccines.

Those having a medical condition that does not allow them to take the vaccine need to have a certificate issued by a recognised doctor.

The rule will continue for the first 60 days when the vaccine becomes available for those under 18.

Can Attend Classes Now

The move comes as a relief for students of junior colleges who earlier could not attend class in person.

Physical classes for classes 5 to 12 resumed in Maharashtra from October 4 after being shut for over 18 months due to the pandemic.

Those below 18 years will be eligible for monthly season tickets (MST). 

Those who cannot be vaccinated due to their medical condition can avail the MST after showing a medical certificate.

Documents Required

Railway officials will check the students’ Aadhaar and school ID cards for age verification after entering stations.

From 20 October Mumbai has also been approved by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation  to resume offline classes.

The go ahead was given to all colleges, taking into account the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Partially Vaxxed Passengers To Be Allowed Soon?

After Diwali, partially vaccinated passengers will also be allowed to use the local trains.

The decision has been made after a continuous decline in coronavirus cases in Maharashtra.

The current rules allow only those who have received both doses and have completed 14 days after the second dose to board local trains.

State-Wide Ease Of Curbs

Other restrictions throughout the state in general have also been gradually eased due to increasing herd immunity and declining cases.

Schools, colleges, cinemas and theatres have already been given the approval to reopen and resume operations.

Minister Rajesh Tope has said that those who have taken a single vaccine dose may also be allowed entry to malls, local trains and all other places after Diwali.

After Diwali

But the final decision lies with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray who will take a call after Diwali.

The decision will be taken after considering inputs from the Covid Task Force and health department officials.

The situation during Diwali will be closely reviewed for a surge in cases when festivities will see large gatherings.

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