Germany Launches World’s 1st Driverless, 100% Automated Train! How Will It Work?

Germany Launches World's 1st Driverless, 100% Automated Train! How Will It Work?
Germany Launches World’s 1st Driverless, 100% Automated Train! How Will It Work?

Deutsche Bahn, which is a German rail operator, along with the industrial group Siemens have introduced the world’s first automated, driverless train in the city of Hamburg. 

Read on to find out all the details about the driverless train in Germany!

World’s First Automated And Driverless Train Unveiled In Hamburg

The world’s first automated and driverless train that has been unveiled in Hamburg is expected to be more punctual and energy efficient than traditional trains, as per the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and industrial group Siemens.

As per reports, four similar trains are expected to join the northern city’s S-Bahn rapid urban rail network and will also begin to transport passengers from December. They will use the existing rail infrastructure.

This project is a part of a 60 million euro ($70 million) modernisation of Hamburg’s rapid urban rail system, and is termed a world’s first by Siemens and Deutsche Bahn.

Automated Train To Transport 30% More Passengers

As per Siemens CEO Roland Busch, the automated trains can transport “up to 30 percent more passengers, significantly improve punctuality and save more than 30 percent energy”.

He also said, “We are making rail transport more intelligent.”

The train is controlled by digital technology and is fully automated; however, a driver will still be supervising the journeys whenever there are passengers on board, as per the statement issued by the company.

We had reported to you that the first ever fully automated driverless train of India will be traveling on Delhi Metro’s 37-kilometre-long Magenta Line. This line connects Janakpuri West in Delhi to Botanical Garden in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

This driverless train service was to be gifted by the DMRC to the residents of Delhi only three days after it completes 18 years of operations on December 25, 2020. On December 25, 2002, the first Delhi Metro service was launched in the capital by the then prime minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

We also reported to you that the scientists, researchers and engineers of IISc and Wipro have put their heads together for developing a driverless car and have assured that everything about this car has been developed ‘from scratch’. 

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