Coal Shortage: These IT Employees Can Be Asked To Return To Office; Alerts Given

Coal Shortage: These IT Employees Can Be Asked To Return To Office; Alerts Given
Coal Shortage: These IT Employees Can Be Asked To Return To Office; Alerts Given

Right now, India is going through an acute and severe power crisis, because of shortage of coal.

And this is due to shortage of coal.

Due to the power crisis, some IT employees can be asked to return to office, and most of the IT employees working with bigger projects have been asked to prepare for power backup.

This is indeed an unprecedented situation.

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Power Crisis In India: WFH Can End For IT Employees

Amidst the raging power crisis, several IT companies have asked their employees who are working from home to be prepared for having power backup.

Since more than 80-90% of the IT employees are still working from home, they can be stranded without power if the Govt initiates power cuts, and this can severely impact productivity.

Which Employees Can Be Asked To Return To Office

As per some reports coming in, Infosys has confirmed that they will ask some of the IT employees to return to office, in case the power crisis continues.

The employees who are working on the bigger projects can be asked to return.

Deccan Herald reported, “Infosys has told its clients that its offices are equipped with generators and other alternative energy sources and it will call back employees to offices for big projects if the issue worsens.”

At the same time, other IT firms such as TCS and others have alerted all their employees and asked them to arrange for power back, in case the supply of electricity is disrupted.

Power Crisis: Govt Still In Denial?

Even as states like Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Haryana have initiated power cuts and load sheddings, Govt has straight away denied any power crisis.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has stated the reports of coal shortage as baseless, and have assured that India has enough coal for sustaining power supplies.

She said, “We are also taking fairly good amount of risks to see what the basket of energy is available for India, how much is based on fossil fuel and how much comes from renewable and we are always looking at ways in which it can be shifted in favour of renewal energy. So the picture is not of short supply, but it’s also picture of newer components into the basket,”

Reportedly, as on September 29, out of 135 coal-powered plants, 16 had zero coal, and reports had come in that India as a whole has only 3-4 days of coal remaining.

It will be interesting to observe how IT industry manages the power crisis, and ensures highest productivity for their clients.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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