Airtel Promises Rs 6000 Cashback On Smartphones Worth Rs 12,000! How does It work?

There is fierce competition in India’s telecommunication market. Two major players Jio and Airtel are completely dominating the third players i.e. Vi. But that is not new news, is it? A few days back we even heard about how Airtel is beating Jio at its own game. We have also heard about the Jiophone which is expected to woo a large number of customers towards Jio Camp. To tackle this move Airtel has come up with a master plan that can be a game-changer.

Airtel will give a cashback of Rs. 6000 on purchase of new mobile worth up to Rs.12000

Recently Airtel announced that as a part of its Mera Pehla Smartphone program, cashback of Rs 6000 will be given to users on the purchase of smartphones up to Rs 12000. For qualifying for this offer, Airtel requires users to make a recharge from the telco priced at Rs 249 or above for 36 months, after which they will get full cashback. This is an effort from Airtel to increase its customer base and to enable them to experience its network. Airtel will offer cashback on the purchase of a new smartphone priced approximately up to Rs 12,000 from leading brands. Over 150 smartphones are eligible for this benefit. The list of eligible handsets is available on Airtel’s official website.

The cashback will come in installments

The customer will receive the cashback in two parts – the first installment of Rs 2000 after 18 months or 1.5 years and the remaining Rs 4000 after 36 months or a three-year period.

Airtel notes that for instance, if a customer opts for a device priced Rs 6000, the customer will get full cashback by the end of three years after getting data quotas and unlimited calling benefits with every Airtel prepaid recharge to unlock a superior smartphone experience. At the end of 36 months, the customer will get an attractive cashback benefit of Rs 6000, the customer gets back her entire investment in the device while being able to stay digitally connected.

This program comes with other perks as well

Airtel has said that customers opting for this program are also eligible for a one-time free screen replacement by Servify in case of damage. This offers an additional cost-benefit up to Rs 4800 ( which is an estimated cost of screen replacement for an Rs12,000 smartphone). For availing this customer will have to register on the Airtel Thanks app within 90 days after starting the eligible recharge pack. Along with the cashback offer customers will get unlimited calling and generous data benefits among others. They will also get a free Wynk Music subscription and a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.

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