Delhi Declared As Crime Capital Of India: Crime Rate Highest In Delhi (Top 10 List)

According to the latest report by the National Crime Records Bureau report, Delhi reported the maximum crime rate among 19 metropolitan cities with more than 2 million population.

The NCRB report showed that police stations across the city registered 245,844 cases under different sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The cases were registered at the rate of 150.6 per million population of the city. For the making of this report, the population was taken as per the 2011 census.

Below is the list of top ten cities with highest crime rate

City Name Crime Rate (Cases per Million Population in 2020)
Delhi 150.6
Chennai 101.6
Ahmedabad 96.6
Mumbai 73.7
Surat 64.3
Pune 61.6
Bengaluru 27.2
Jaipur 23.4
Hyderabad 20.6
Kolkata 10.9

Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal explained the increase in crime by saying, “In Delhi, we ensure hundred percent registration of crime. Complainants are not turned away at any police station.”

Biswal added an online FIR registration facility is also another reason for the high cases. “Over 66% of the crimes in Delhi are registered online. It is a measure of the empowerment of the public that citizens can easily lodge their FIR themselves without even stepping inside a police station….This is done to ensure that citizens do not face any harassment at the police station,” he added further.

The number of murders declines

According to the NCRB report, the number of people murdered in the city has reduced from 505 in 2019 to 461 in 2020.

According to the data, this 461 number is the highest among the 19 metropolitan cities. However, the rate of murder (cases per million population) was 0.2. It was less than Nagpur, Jaipur, and Patna.

According to the report, Mumbai is a much safer place.

Crime continues against Children and Women

The NCRB data shows that 3,770 minors were kidnapped in the capital city of India, the highest across 19 metropolitan cities.

And talking about a crime against women the report said, Delhi reported the maximum cases of rape 967 in all 19 cities.

While Rajasthan topped the chart with the highest number of rape cases. Nagaland reported the lowest number of cases at 4.

What Expert say about the issue

Ashok Chand, a retired IPS officer, said one should not look at the rankings according to the NCRB data, rankings are not always fair.

“Data is important to understand which crime has become more frequent. One should not compare crime across cities or states or on the basis of case numbers or crime rates. By looking at the numbers, police should analyze why certain crimes are on the rise. Even if one crime is decreasing then the police should find out why it has suddenly decreased. There are several factors that lead to a particular crime. Instead of comparing, one should use this data to take preventive steps and ensure that declining crimes are reduced further,” Chand added.

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