This State Stops All Unvaccinated Employees From Coming To Office, Sends Them On Leave

Its been almost a year and a half since the novel coronavirus entered the nation. It closed doors on our offices, markets, and schools. It forced us back into our homes. Even though the vaccination all across the country is in full swing, the battle with coronavirus is still on. Private and Government organizations alike are making efforts to win this ongoing war.

Still, there are many who are hesitant to get vaccinated. Be it lack of awareness or carelessness or misconceptions about vaccines, it is putting vaccinated people at risk. Now, to nudge employees to get vaccinated, Punjab Government has taken some decisions.

In Punjab, unvaccinated govt. employees will be sent on compulsory leave

Recently, Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh announced the decision to send unvaccinated state government employees compulsorily on leave. While taking cognizance of the current situation, the chief minister also ordered an extension of the existing Covid restrictions in the state till September 30.

As per the chief minister’s office, the decision to send unvaccinated employees on leave was taken to ensure vaccinated individuals do not pay the price of vaccine hesitancy.

“Special efforts were taken to reach out to Government employees, and those who continue to avoid getting vaccinated will now be asked to go on leave till they get the first dose,” the CMO said in a press note.

Services of vaccinated teachers resumed

The Punjab Government has also decided to allow, the teaching and non-teaching school staff who had taken at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine over four weeks ago, to resume their duties. Upon joining they will have to submit negative RTPCR test reports every week. The government has also decided to allow the school staff with co-morbidities to resume duties, only after their full vaccinations.

It should be noted that Punjab’s Covid-19 situation has further improved even as some states are reporting a spike in infections.

The chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh, noted that only 0.05% of the samples taken from students, teaching, and non-teaching staff tested positive for Covid-19.

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