This Country Is #1 Destination For Indian Students; Beats US, Canada & Europe!

India is also the main source country of international students in Canada.

America has been overtaken by the UAE as the number one popular destination for Indian students to study abroad.


Why US Lost

The US has been set back by its tight visa regulations and other policies which limit the number of international students at American universities.

Hostile immigration policies put in place during Trump’s rule has also created a poor impression on students looking to migrate there.

To that effect, it has seen a decline in Indian student population along with a drop in enrolments.


UAE along with Saudi Arabia take higher positions since Indian students join a local campus there as their parents are already working there. 

They get enrolled in Indian universities with campuses in those regions.

These universities allow a two campus experience under which students join the international campus in the last legs of their degree programs.

Moreover, education in the UAE is also appealing to those with tighter budgets.

Another factor which draws Indian students is the large Indian expat community.

Thanks to this, an Indian relative or a friend is never too far away, especially in emergency situations.


Canada has taken the second position as it provides education which is high in quality and also globally recognised.

The society and the academic atmosphere is one of openness, tolerance, safety along with a multicultural environment.

India is also the main source country of international students in Canada.

List Of Top Foreign Education Destinations

  1. UAE- 219,000 Indian students
  2. Canada- 215,720
  3. USA- 211,930
  4. Australia- 92,383 
  5. Saudi Arabia- 80,800 
  6. UK- 55,465
  7. Oman- 43,600

Appeal Of Studying Abroad

The main reason behind students considering leaving their home country is the ambition of freedom, both academic and personal, along with diversity of classes and to top it all, an international degree.

Another factor pushing the kids to other lands is the intense competition for a seat in top Indian institutes.

The age by which one can fly out on their own has also gotten lower.

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