Student Hacks Into Teacher’s Whatsapp During Online Classes! This Is How This ‘Whatsapp Hack’ Happened

Student Hacks Into Teacher's Whatsapp During Online Classes! This Is How This 'Whatsapp Hack' Happened
Student Hacks Into Teacher’s Whatsapp During Online Classes! This Is How This ‘Whatsapp Hack’ Happened

WhatsApp rose to one of the most loved apps in the world. It became part and parcel of our lives. And today you can’t even imagine a life without the instant messaging app. And what if one fine day you suddenly get logged out of it without your consent? Your life might turn upside down. So much so that you would have to contact the police for resolving the issue. What a troubling experience, right?

A teacher in Kerala has experienced it firsthand.

WhatsApp hacked during online class

A teacher from Kerala’s Kozhikode district was surprised to find that she was logged out of her WhatsApp account. That too minutes after she ended the online class for students. When she inquired further and took help from Police, it was found that a student in her class had managed to log into her WhatsApp account. For managing this shenanigan he had misused the screen sharing feature which is prevalently used in online classes.

Police solved the puzzle

While teaching online, the teacher had sharing screen on her phone. Because of that, all students logged into the class could see all the notifications popping up on her phone.

One mischievous student decided to take advantage of the situation. He attempted to log into WhatsApp on his phone using the teacher’s mobile number. But we all know, to gain access to the account, a one-time password (OTP) is required. When the OTP duly popped up on the teacher’s phone, the student was able to easily view it through screen-sharing. Using that OTP, he got logged into the teacher’s WhatsApp account. As WhatsApp does not allow simultaneous use on two different devices, as a result of this maneuver, the teacher got logged out of her account.

So, puzzled because of getting logged out of the instant messenger app, the teacher decided to contact the police. The puzzle was solved when the Cyber Cell of the police department examined the phones of her students.

So, we request our readers to be wary of such kinds of instances and take necessary precautions while sharing their screens with an unknown audience.

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