1 Lakh Green Card Slots Will Go Waste This Year! Indian, Chinese Immigrants File Case

1 Lakh Green Card Slots Will Go Waste This Year! Indian, Chinese Immigrants File Case
1 Lakh Green Card Slots Will Go Waste This Year! Indian, Chinese Immigrants File Case

As many as 125 Indians and Chinese nationals have now filed a lawsuit, which states that in 2020, the pandemic had slowed down the process of processing visas and only two months of the year 2021 remain to process the applications.

As per reports, one lakh green cards will be wasted this year as the last date is as close as September 30, which is also the end of the financial year as per the US. after this deadline, all the quotas will no longer exist. 

1 Lakh Green Card Slots Wasted; Indian And Chinese Immigrants File Lawsuit

Recently, we reported to you that Green card hopefuls who have been waiting over a decade will be prioritised for official citizenship and immigration services’ (USCIS) distribution of green cards. 

Obviously, the rise in the number of quotas will not be of much use if such a huge number of green cards is wasted this year. The quota for green cards was increased from 1,40,000 to 2,61,500 this year. However, the processing of the applications is taking too much time and at this rate, 1 lakh applications will be wasted. 

The department of state office in charge of determining visa usage has confirmed this number as well. The case has been filed by Indian and Chinese nationals in order to avoid such wastage. 

According to data from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), nearly 8 lakh Indians working legally in the United States are in the stand by for issuing green cards.

Highest Backlog Ever Recorded; Indians Need To Wait 195 Years To Get EB-3 Green Card

With 1.2 million people waiting in the queue to become citizens of the United States, it is the highest backlog ever recorded. Indians are the major contributors to this demographic as nearly 7 among 10 people waiting in the queue are Indian origins.

Also, a delegation of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community discussed immigration with the US President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris. 

As per Indian professional Sandeep Pawar, “There are hundreds of thousands of gainfully employed legal immigrants in the US who would benefit from these Green Cards. Many of them have been waiting for a decade or more to adjust to permanent resident status but have been unable to do so due to a lack of available visa numbers.”

Recently, Republican senator Mike Lee said that anyone from India entering the backlog today will have to wait a whopping 195 years to receive an EB-3 green card. Even if their children were given this limbo status, there is no chance for them to be citizens of the US.

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