US Govt Will Give Citizenship To 1.1 Crore Migrants; 8 Lakh Indians Will Get Green Card Soon!

US Govt Will Give Citizenship To 1.1 Crore Migrants; 8 Lakh Indians Will Get Green Card Soon!
US Govt Will Give Citizenship To 1.1 Crore Migrants; 8 Lakh Indians Will Get Green Card Soon!

Indian immigrants hopeful of permanent residency status have good views headed their way. Also known formally as a green card, Biden is set to propose the US Citizenship Act 2021.

Expected Changes

The yearly limit on applications being filled by H1-B hopefuls is also expanded under the new law.

The visa H1-B is one on which IT firms are heavily dependent to procure specialised, educated and highly skilled talent. 

Green card hopefuls who have been waiting over a decade will be prioritised for official citizenship and immigration services’ (USCIS) distribution of green cards. 

Difference Between H1-B Visa and Green Card

Key difference between H1-B visa and green card is that the former is temporary and if the visa holder exceeds their mandated time to reside in the US, they face risk of deportation. A green card on the other hand is authorized proof of your legal immunity while living in the US and has a longer time period.

The new act also seeks to expand the visa limit for foreign workers, tackle the extreme long amount of time erstwhile those employed under work visas who had to spend an incredible amount of time for green cards and to clear backlogs.

This comes after the erstwhile Trump administration announced its intention to do away with the lottery system in place for random selection of H1-B visa candidates. Biden has extended the lottery system method till the end of the year.

Congress approval is awaited in order to implement the citizenship act which consolidates the struggles of immigrants in the US to receive citizenship after, at most, an 8 year ordeal.

Who Gained the Most?

The beneficiaries of an improved immigration plan include foreign STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) degree students in the States, an easier path to permanent residency status and removal of other such redundant limitations.

The New US Citizenship Act 2021 welcomes even more visa applications filed under the new cap which is raised from 55k to 80k thereby registering a 20% increase. It includes those from foreign locations and ethnic, regional and gender minorities

The 10 year limit on those that have exceeded their temporary residency terms based on their visa will also be increased. The bill aims at reducing the backlog for employment-based Green Card, a move which would benefit hundreds and thousands of Indian IT professionals.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) sees the highest number of foreign applicants and selections hailing from the Indian subcontinent.

H1B Visa Cap Reached For 2021, learn more.

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