Rajdhani Express Gets Smart Coaches With CCTVs, Alarm, GPS, Entertainment Systems & More!

Rajdhani Express Gets Smart Coaches With CCTVs, Alarm, GPS, Entertainment Systems & More!
Rajdhani Express Gets Smart Coaches With CCTVs, Alarm, GPS, Entertainment Systems & More!

The ministry of railways has now revealed to us that the Western Railway has now introduced the new and upgraded Tejas sleeper coaches on the Mumbai Rajdhani Express train.

The new coaches have been studded with a plethora of features to offer a comfortable traveling experience to all passengers. 

Read on to find out what features are now being offered on the Mumbai Rajdhani Express!

Rajdhani Express Gets Smart Coach Similar To Tejas Express 

The railway ministry has stated that the Tejas-type sleeper coaches will be replacing the rakes of train No. 02951/52 Mumbai – New Delhi Rajdhani Special Express. Apparently, two such rakes have already been made ready to run as Rajdhani Express trains. 

As per reports, out of these two rakes, one includes the exclusive Tejas Smart sleeper coaches and this is the first coach introduced over Indian railways.

Sumit Thakur, the chief public relations officer of Western Railway has said, “With the use of Tejas Smart Coach, Indian Railways aims to move to predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance.”

Features On New Coaches On Rajdhani Express

Let’s look at the high-end features that will be available on the new coaches:

The new train will come with special smart features for enhanced passenger safety and comfort, as per the ministry. The ministry also states that the smart coach “aims to provide world-class facilities to passengers with the help of intelligent sensor-based systems.”

The coach also comes with Passenger Information and Coach Computing Unit (PICCU) provided with GSM network connectivity. This reports to the remote server and records the data of WSP, CCTV recording, toilet odor sensors, panic switch and other items integrated with fire detection and alarm system, air quality and choke filter sensor, and energy meter.

The coach also includes additional features, such as a passenger announcement or passenger information system. This helps display vital information related to the journey to the passengers on  two LCDs inside each coach.

There also are cameras fitted in each coach that provide live recording, day-night vision capability, facial recognition in low light conditions, and network video recorders.

The main entrance doors are also centrally controlled by Guard and the train will not start until all doors are closed. There also are multiple safety features, such as an automatic fire alarm and detection system. 

There also will be a toilet occupancy sensor inside each coach and toilets will come with anti-graffiti coating. A water level sensor will also be fitted to indicate water availability on a real-time basis.

Every passenger will also be provided with mobile charging ports.

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