New LPG Cylinders Will Show Current Gas Level: How To Buy, City-Wise Price & More

This cylinder is half the weight of its traditional counterpart. 

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has launched a new kind of LPG cylinder which it calls ‘Indane Composite Cylinders’.

The product is a foray into the lighter-end category which also benefits customers who can now easily plan their next refill.

This is also a departure from the conventional heavy steel canisters that customers have been familiar with over the years.


What Is It?

It is a triple-layered cylinder  with a blow-moulded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lining as the first, innermost layer.

The second layer is a composite layer of polymer-wrapped fibreglass. 

The last layer to the LPG composite cylinder is an HDPE outer jacket.


This cylinder is half the weight of its traditional counterpart. 

It has a translucent body which allows customers to get a visual check of their gas usage and levels.

With this benefit, customers can plan their next refill with greater ease.

The cylinder is also rust-resistant due to its High-Density Polyethylene makeup.

The quality allowing it to not rust also means there are less stains and marks it leaves behind on the floor.

This is of course aesthetically pleasing as well, fitting in in modernised kitchens and is a great addition to any smart kitchen.

Where It’s Available

For now, it is available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Faridabad and Ludhiana.

In these cities, the cylinder comes in 2 variants, 5 Kg and 10 Kg size.

The IOCL is planning to make it available nationwide soon.

Replacing Old With The New

In order to acquire the composite cylinder in place of the existing steel ones, customers can pay the difference through a security deposit. 

The current deposit rates in the non-subsidized category is Rs. 3350 for the 10 Kg variant and Rs. 2150 for the 5 Kg variant.

Cost And How To Book

Only one of the variations of the composite cylinder is available for the FTL category. 

At present, the 5 Kg composite cylinder is available as an FTL composite cylinder at a price point of Rs 2,537 plus Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

The cost of the refills is dependent on periodical refills and the locations.

The 10 Kg and 5 Kg variants can be home delivered.

Domestic Cylinders Now Costlier

Prices have gone up this month by Rs 25 for the 14.2 kg cylinders and Rs 75 for the 19 kg cylinders.

The new rates have come into effect from July 1.

14.2 kg Cylinder Rates:

  • Delhi and Mumbai- Rs 809
  • Chennai-  Rs 825
  • Kolkata- Rs 835.50

19 kg Cylinder Rates 

  • Delhi- Rs 1473.50
  • Kolkata- Rs 1544.50
  • Mumbai- Rs 1422.50
  • Chennai- Rs 1603

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