LPG Cylinder Price Reduced By Rs 122: Check The LPG Price In Your City Right Here

OMCs have cut the price of commercial LPG cylinders from Rs 1595.50 per cylinder to Rs 1473.50 per cylinder. Rates vary according to city and state.

Oil and Marketing companies (OMCs) have cut the price of commercial LPG cylinders from Rs 1595.50 per cylinder to Rs 1473.50 per cylinder, a difference of Rs 122. 

The revised prices went into effect from June 1.

Rates In Metros

However, the prices will vary according to city and state. 

The following figures are for a single 19kg LPG Cylinder-

Delhi- New rate- Rs 1473.50 Old rate- Rs 1595.50

Mumbai- New rate- Rs 1422.50 Old rate- Rs 1545.00 

Kolkata- New rate- Rs 1544.50 Old rate- Rs 1725.50

Chennai- New rate- Rs 1603 Old rate-Rs 1725.50

Domestic Cylinders Cost The Same

It should also be noted that the cost of a smaller domestic 14.2 kg cylinder will remain unchanged, which is presently in the range of Rs 800-900.

The decision on cylinder costs is made at the start of each month by OMCs. 

The calculation is made on the basis of import parity price formula.

The formula is mainly dependent on the dollar exchange rate and Saudi Aramco’s propane and butane rates.

Earlier this week, Saudi Aramco hiked the prices of propane by 7% to $530 per tonne and by 10% for butane to $525 per tonne.

Fuel Prices Rise

The last revision was a cut in price of domestic cylinders in April 2021 by Rs 10 per cylinder.

Costs had sharply reduced during the early days of the pandemic, but is now on the rise since November-end 2020.

Fuel prices set by OMCs have seen an increase by 26 paise per litre of petrol and 23 paise a litre of diesel in Delhi. 

The current price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 94.49 a litre and diesel is Rs 85.38 a litre.

In Mumbai, the cost is now Rs 100.72 for a litre of petrol and Rs 92.69 per litre of diesel.

Apart from Mumbai, cities in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have already breached the Rs 100-mark.

The rise in fuel prices could lead to a corresponding rise in the price of domestic cylinders by Rs 100 per cylinder.

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