Work From Home Will End For 5 Lakh TCS Employees From This Date? This Is All We Know

By the month of September this year, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Country’s largest software company and one of the most profitable Indian companies is expecting that its 5 lakh employees shall return to the office this year, post being vaccinated.

Commenting on the quarterly results of Q1FY22, company’s chief of global human resources Milind Lakkad stated, “…In less than two months, over half a million associates and family members and over 70 percent of our associates have been vaccinated, and we are on track to vaccinate all TCSers and families by September.”

Massive Campus & Lateral Hirings

In the financial year 2021-22, TCS has reported its quarterly results for Q1FY22 and said that the company shall be hiring more than 40,000 freshers from campuses in the country. TCS revealed the number while also saying that the it shall also be having “robust” lateral hiring this year.

In addition, during a pay call, TCs said the number of employees had dropped by 500,000 marks in the June quarter, and 509,058 employees since June 30. TCS saw a net increase of 20,409, the highest figure for the combined quarter.

The company said the workforce was very diverse and made up 155 nations, with women making up 36.2% of the workforce.

“Workers continue to be highly diverse, including 155 countries and women make up 36.2% of the workforce,” said Tata.

Increased Profits

On Thursday, India’s largest IT services company announced a 29% annual increase in quarterly profits, fueled by high demand from businesses that strengthen digital services during the COVID-19 crisis. Total profits increased to ? 9,008 crore, in the three months to June 30 from ? 7,008 crore last year. Operating income exceeded 18.5% to, 45,411 crore.

Performance margin improved to 25.5%. TCS also announced an interim division of ? 7 per allocation.

Commenting on the Q1 salaries, Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, said: “I am humbled that in a very difficult situation for many, TCSers have shown good manners in helping each other, being responsible in communities and fulfilling our responsibilities. to customers. In the background, our business in North America, BFSI and Retail have all shown tremendous growth that underscores the resilience of our approach, compliance with our contributions and above all, the love and commitment of our partners. “

Meanwhile, Lakkad has admitted that the company receives a few requests from employees who oppose the vaccine but is trying to explain to them the importance of taking the jab.

Gopinathan said Indians should not be too harsh on him by the slow pace of vaccination, pointing out that the volumes are still high. However, he added that this did not mean that they would be complacent in the program, adding that there was a need to upgrade.

The company script closed 1.52 percent down to ? 3,207.75 percent on BSE.

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