This Country Will Implement A 4-Day Working Week For Every Employee! But Why?

This Country Will Implement A 4-Day Working Week For Every Employee! But Why?
This Country Will Implement A 4-Day Working Week For Every Employee! But Why?

A four day working week is a policy that has been discussed for a long time now. Numerous studies suggest – the countries with the highest number of working hours have the lowest employee productivity while those with the shortest working days are the most productive. 

This shows how much more efficient a 4 day work week would prove to be!

Cutting to the chase, Japan is the country which is planning to introduce a 4 day working week for all the employees. The government’s motive behind this initiative is to ensure a work life balance for the entire country.

Salaried employees of Japan have been encouraged to reduce the amount of time that is spent in the office. 

Japan To Introduce Four Day Working Week?

Japan has recently introduced some new annual economic policy guidelines that include new recommendations which suggest that companies should implement the four day working week instead of the regular five.

The usually rigid and additional Japanese corporations have already been greatly modified due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As per Martin Schulz, chief policy economist for Fujitsu Ltd.’s Global Market Intelligence Unit, “The government is really very keen for this change in attitude to take root at Japanese companies.”

As per reports, political leaders are trying to convince management that multiple factors, which include flexible working hours, remote working, growing interconnectedness and more, will be effective even after the pandemic has subsided.

The four day working week would help companies to retain their employees that might leave to look after their families or elderly relatives. This policy would also help employees gain more educational qualifications and take up other jobs.

How Will A Four Day Working Week Affect Employees?

The government authorities also are hoping that one more extra day off every week will encourage people to go out and spend some more money, which will also help boost the economy.

In India too, there could soon be a 4-day work week for all industry segments.

The Labour Secretary Apurva Chandra announced on Monday that the Government is working on a new labour code, which will allow a four-day working week with longer work hours/day.

The weekly limit under the new code will continue to remain 48 hours, however employers will be allowed to deploy their employees flexible work hours, depending upon the number of active days in the week.

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