This $5 Billion Indian Startup Rolls Out 4-Day Working Week! How Will It Work Out?

HR Head Girish Menon has said in a company-wide internal email that the company will observe a 4-day working week for the month of May given the worsening pandemic.

Swiggy has declared via an internal email to all its employees that the company will be following a 4 day work week for this month.



HR head Girish Menon wrote that the company is taking this step while considering the worsening Covid situation in the country. 

The employees can decide which days of the week they want to work and can utilise the extra time for self care, care for family and others, and in any other way they see fit. 

The mail has also called for volunteers to pitch in to Swiggy’s Covid task force on the days they are available.

This is one measure in a variety of others that Swiggy has in place to extend support to its employees during the pandemic. 

Medical Services Availability

Its infrastructure includes a pandemic support mechanism and an emergency support team available to its employees. 

It also has an internal app, the Swiggy Shield app, a wellness app providing consultation, along with a support hotline.

It also has a network of partners, volunteers and healthcare providers who can support employees should they require access to medical services such as hospital beds, ICUs, plasma, oxygen cylinders, ambulance support, and other emergency services.

Employees Can Safely Quarantine With Financial Support

Those in close contact with people who have tested positive can opt for quarantine without fear of financial loss as they are covered with the help of loans, leave encashments, and salary advancements.

If there are those unfortunate enough to have family members tested positive, they will receive something called a “nutrition support cover”, along with vaccination and hospitalisation coverage.

An early disbursement of salary for May for its employees of grade 1-4 has already been rolled out.

Quarantine Coverage

Those undergoing home quarantine also receive medical support, reimbursement and online doctor consultation along with testing facilities at home or in labs.

Those lacking adequate quarantine spaces will be offered temporary facilities equipped with nursing support.

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