Realme Watch 2 Pro Will Have 14-Day Battery Life, GPS, Drink Reminder

Last month, Watch 2 was unveiled by Realme and now the company intends to unveil Realme Watch 2 Pro.

It looks similar to the vanilla Watch 2. However, having a resolution of 385×320 pixels it has a larger screen comparatively which measures 1.75″ diagonally. With a peak brightness of 600 nits, it has a 30Hz refresh rate.

Features Like Watchfaces, Better Battery & Dual Satellite GPS

Including new live options, like the Watch 2, the Pro version also supports 100+ watchfaces. But, you now get the Master Edition watchfaces as well that are designed by South Korean artist Grafflex – the same person who collaborated with Realme for the development of Watch S Master Edition.

Includes new live options, such as the Watch 2, Pro version and supports 100+ viewing locations. Another important difference between the Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro is in the battery department. The first 315 mAh cells have been advertised for 12 days of independence, while the latter has a larger 390 mAh battery that is said to provide 14 days of endurance.

Also, while the Realme Watch 2 relies on a smartphone connected to route tracking, the Pro model has a built-in GPS with two wires, eliminating the need for a smartphone to map your exercise routes.

All the other features in the Watch 2 Pro are compatible with Watch 2, which means you get to track sleep, monitor heart rate, oxygen level, sit-down reminder, drink reminder, and meditation breathing. Realme also promises support for 90 sporting events with the future OTA, so out of the box, you get 16 fitness routines like the Watch 2.

Other Features & Colours

The Watch 2 Pro also comes with music and camera controls, a phone receiver, weather forecasting, IoT control, and dust and water resistance for IP68. In addition, the smartwatch also alerts you with app notifications and incoming calls, even if you can reject calls because the Watch 2 Pro does not have a microphone and speaker to allow conversations.

With bundled liquid silicone straps coming in Black and Light Grey colors, Realme Watch 2 Pro has Space Grey and Metallic Silver color options. It shall go on sale in Malaysia starting May 29 and it is priced at RM299 ($70/€60).

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