MIUI 12 Bugs List, Major MIUI 12 Problems: Which Versions To Avoid, How To Fix?

While we are waiting for MIUI 12.5 update in India, several users continue to face some crucial issues with the MIUI 12 update. While MIUI is still heavily criticized for the awful ads and user experience, it has a good number of bugs and issues which are affecting devices globally.  The bigger fact is Xiaomi is already aware of the issues, and still hasn’t solved all. Xiaomi said it’s working on the flaws, and upcoming updates will fix the problems.

MIUI 12 Bugs List, Major MIUI 12 Problems: Which Versions To Avoid, How To Fix?

Not only older devices, but latest models as Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro users have complained about incorrect display icons in dark mode.

It’s not all, the list is long. We have compiled up all the major issues being faced by MIUI 12 users across the globe. Currently the company is working onto release the MIUI 12.5 update, and also the next-generation MIUI 13 is said to be in the final phases of development as well.

MIUI 12 Bugs: Top MIUI 12 Problems, Issues

While MIUI 12 definitely came with some major upgrades, but the list of problems continue to grow. A good number of MIUI 12 bugs have been reported by multiple users till now.

Can’t Switch On / Off Mobile 

Poco M3 owners have again and again complained about this issue. After the MIUI 12 software update, multiple Poco M3 are unable to turn on / off their smartphone after the update.

Notification Panel Displaying Black Text

Xiaomi Mi 9T users have reported that a bug is turning the notification panel / status bar texts into black on top of the dark background when the dark mode is enabled. It happened after installing the MIUI 12 update.

Random Reboots

Random reboots on Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro are still yet to be solved, in spite of being reported weeks back. Not only Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro, even Redmi Note 8 users also complained about the same.

Too Much Battery Consumption

Poco F2 Pro, Poco F1, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro users complained about premature battery discharge. Users have stated that after the latest MIUI 12 update, their respective devices are consuming too much battery.

Poor Sound Playback

Sound Playback is still a major issue for many Redmi Note 8 owners. The best selling Redmi budget smartphone after the latest MIUI 12 update, several users started to face the poor sound playback issue.

Floating Window Bug, Unresponsive Touch Issue

Multiple Poco F2 Pro units from Europe and Indonesia faced the issue. After being updated to MIUI 12, it’s creating unresponsive floating windows along with touch issues, which many Redmi Note 10 users also faced.

Automatically Creating Cache Files

Units of Redmi Note 8 Pro have faced this issue. The bug automatically created caches files by the clear app. The bug also resets the shortcuts in the control.

MIUI 12 Issues, Bugs: Why Xiaomi Isn’t Fixing Them?

Users have complained about issues as devices freezing during games, problems with animation on lock screen, glare and flickering on displays after unlocking, not closing notifications when restarting smartphones, problems with sound and display, poor battery backup, floating windows since the launch of MIUI 12 only. The first update released a year back.

While the company have released updates to fix them, still a huge chunk is yet to get a solution.

MIUI 12 bugs have grown over the last few months on almost all the Redmi, Xiaomi and Poco devices, be it older or newer ones. The company is yet to officially release any statement, but expect newer updates to solve the issues on different devices in future. The company is now working onto release the MIUI 12.5 update, and also the next-generation MIUI 13 is in the final phases of development.

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