This State Govt Asks Auto-Drivers To Deliver Vegetables; And This Is A Big Hit!

Bihar has been put under lockdown till May 15 and essential services such as grocery can only be home delivered. Auto drivers have been employed to fulfil the deliveries.

Bihar has been put under lockdown till May 15 and essential services such as grocery can only be home delivered. 

Vegetable Vendors Partner With Auto Drivers

To that effect, the state government’s cooperative department has employed the services of the local auto drivers’ association to carry out the deliveries. 

A vegetable vendors’ association representative said that the need to partner up with auto rickshaw drivers was felt since deliveries were not taking place in the required time and pace.

There were constant delays in online vegetable orders being fulfilled which had started on April 30 and had received an encouraging response. 

But what was lacking was a bankable method of facilitating the deliveries and was proving to be a significant challenge in resuming online order bookings. 

Programme Is A Success And Could Be Expanded

The drivers’ services have been hailed as timely, effective and valued and they also benefit from the earning opportunities now that there are no passengers to ferry in the midst of a lockdown. 

The local govt has provided the drivers the option to receive direct money transfers in accounts opened with cooperative banks. 

Should the delivery program prove its success,  it could be replicated in other cities in Bihar.

Delivery could also be expanded to other grocery items such as food grain, oil, milk and eggs.

CM’s Plea To Postpone Weddings 

In other news, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has pleaded to his citizens in a series of tweets to refrain from conducting weddings at this time in cooperation with the strict public gathering norms.

Under the current norms, weddings can take place with a cap of 50 guests but traditional events including marriage processions, the use of DJs and other professionals are banned. 

If one is planning on conducting a wedding, the same has to be relayed to the nearest police station a minimum 3 days in advance,

Bihar is currently witnessing over 10,000 active Covid cases a day for several days now with a positivity rate of 10%.

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