Win Any PUBG Game: 10 BIG Tips To Win PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite

Want to win every PUBG game? Here we have listed some of the best tips to win any PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite game. With more players joining every day and other, competition remains on the top. We have picked up good tips where it can help players to switch up gaming strategies, style and improve game skills. PUBG Mobile India launch date is expected to be announced soon, as the company uploaded an official teaser on YouTube.

Win Any PUBG Game: 10 BIG Tips To Win PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite

The India-specific PUBG game will be hitting the country very soon, as the latest development hints at an imminent PUBG Mobile India launch date. The official YouTube channel has teased the launch, but now the video has been made private.

Apart from the launch news, let’s directly jump into ten sure shot tips to win any PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite game.


Choosing The Correct Weapons

To win in any PUBG game, the correct combination of weapons stands to be very important. Choosing an Assault Rifle or be it an SMG or Sniper Rifle, this can turn to be a big factor in winning the game in difficult conditions. You can opt to choose high-damage AR weapons like M762 or AKM with the SMGs like UMP45 and Vector, which can turn out to be a savior in crushing times.

Coming to Snipers, go for the M24 or Kar98 because of the potential damage they can use with high accuracy.

Pick The Right Combination

This right combination of the weapons is going to be crucial in terms of your chances winning in a battle. Take some scoop from the above point of what you should be picking to have higher chances of winning in a battle. All the weapons mentioned can be successful in both long and mid-term combats.

In case you are going for a close-range combat, take a SMG instead of the Sniper Rifle.

Using The Right Utilities

If you can’t make use of the right utilities at the right time, you will lose anyway even if you have a good combination of weapons. So, make sure you are picking the right utilities. So while using utilities as smoke bombs, stun grenades, and explosives, it is very necessary that they should be used tactically in a battle and not wherever you feel like. 

Using The Utilities At The Right Time

Apart from picking the right utilities, it is very important to use them at the right time. This will help ahead to have a good edge over your opponents. So make sure first you pick the right utilities, and then then is where to execute them at the right situations. You can pick the utilities from the above point, and use them only when needed like during the last circles.

Revive teammates when needed by using smoke grenades or knock down enemies camping inside a building using explosives.

Choose The Best Landing Spot

You can have an edge if you choose the best landing spot. It’s very important choosing a good landing spot to level up in the ranked levels. Having a good start is needed with picking up the perfect spot, so you can rank quickly. Landing at a more strategic spot with more rank points, so do make sure you land at a good spot and help you survive till the end and win.

Picking The Right Landing Spot

Having a good game strategy starts with the right landing spot. So, a player should be making sure that you drop on a location which is far away from the path of the flight. In case you want to have some edge over the opponents, make sure to pick a location safe from early fights like the Factory, Pilot Plaza, Vista and auch.

Choosing The Right Vehicle

While having a vehicle in the game is needed, but it could be quite crucial to have the vehicle in order to have your higher chances to win the game. So, picking the right vehicle can help you ease through the game with a safer ground travel. Now coming to the primary aspect, it’s the end part of the game. Having the right vehicle acts as a shield for you during the final phases.

Health Pack, Immunity

Health packs are a very important part of the PUBG game. Not only to revive yourself, but to have a strategic plan to stay in the game longer and most importantly till the last, PUBG players should be picking up the right immunity pack to last longer in matches. So do carry enough of the health packs to regain HP quicker and fight back faster.

Pick Your Immunity Pack Accordingly

Make sure you carry at least four medkits, five energy drinks, and three painkillers. This will be enough for you for immediate help for HP recovery during fights.

What Transportation To Choose?

A more reliable and faster mode of transportation can help you win a game tactically and at the same time let you reach to the immediate source of shelter. Find the best vehicles from here:

  • Roads of Sink Delta (Varenga)
  • Interconnected roads of Canyon, Vista
  • Old Basin (Varenga)
  • Collection Field (Golden Woods)
  • Military School (Golden Woods)
  • Near the bridge of Bohol (Golden Woods)

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