This State Approves Home Delivery Of Alcohol For Everyone: How It Works?

In a latest notification, Govt of Maharashtra has approved home delivery of alcohol across the state, which can be done by the wine shops as well as the bars.

How it will work?

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Maharashtra Allows Home Delivery Of Alcohol

Pune District Wine Merchants Association has informed that the Maharashtra Govt has allowed home delivery of alcohol, as they have received the required order from District Collector and Excise Department.

Although home delivery of alcohol has started a week back, but the wine shops were asked to wait for the order first, which has now been received.

This way, home delivery has started in Pune atleast. We are awaiting reports from other cities.

A source has revealed that after this order, wine shops as well as bars across the Maharashtra state can start home delivery of alcohol, albeit following all SOPs as mandated by the Govt.

How To Order Alcohol Online?

Last year during the lockdown, Maharashtra Govt had allowed home delivery of alcohol, but for that, you needed to have a license first.

We haven’t received the update regarding this year, but it seems having a license is must to get the alcohol home delivered.

Here are all the steps mentioned for getting a license for receiving home delivery of alcohol.

Once you have the license, you will need to visit the website of Maharashtra Excise Department to get the token, based on your location and area.

This token will be used to deliver alcohol.

Here is the procedure, as mentioned last year.

This is a developing story. We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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