Top 4 Live Streaming Indian Apps For Non-Stop Entertainment (April, 2021)

Top 4 Live Streaming Indian Apps For Non-Stop Entertainment (April, 2021)
Top 4 Live Streaming Indian Apps For Non-Stop Entertainment (April, 2021)

As the quality of consumer-oriented devices and data connectivity improves, the usage of social apps which allow users to remain connected and view real-time information is seeing a large spurt of growth.

The internet has generated many opportunities for creative people and Live streaming apps are the prime example of how people- from writers, filmmakers, musicians, content creators can share their creative visions with an appreciative audience.

In this pandemic-hitten world, these Live Streaming apps have made sharing, connectedness, and immediacy a potent combination of factors which stand to disrupt content consumption.

As virtual reality devices find more takers, live video in 2021 promises immediate gratification and an immersive way for people to share, view, and create content. If you have been hunting for one such app, here’s a list of the best Indian live streaming apps: 

Bolo-Live by Bolo Indya 

India’s first homegrown Live streaming feature -Bolo Live by Bolo Indya is emerging as creators’ favorite live streaming proposition because of its exciting features. Bolo Live comes with an easy to use interface and is  integrated with real time gamification in a form of exciting gifting option where creators can be rewarded by their follower base basis the content quality, density as well as the engagement which can be redeemed in cash on the Bolo Indya platform. 

As part of Bolo-Live, creator partners on the platform have an added streaming feature to go live, to showcase their talent and pursue career in live streaming, deliver their specialized skills-based services as well as other highly engaging content to their follower base in the language of their choice.  Users can send their favorite live performing creators, a wider variety of digital gifts right from a rose for 10 Rs to even a space rocket for 500 Rs to a special occasion premium gift for 1000 Rs. The live streaming feature also allows fans to connect with their favourite creator through video calling option. 

Over 80,000 live sessions have already been streamed within 6lakh live streaming audience within past 4 months of Bolo Live launch  

The most popular emerging categories for Bolo Live currently include Entertainment, Fitness, Comedy, Fashion & Lifestyle language learning etc. 


TangoLive comes with a tagline ‘Livestream your Life’. On Tango users can monetize their social community by live streaming their talents ranging from singing, dancing, cooking or playing music. One can go live, broadcast their talents and start a broadcasting career by earning money with the app’s quick, simple and easy payouts. The app comes with various features like ‘Live Battles’, where a streamer can simply start a live session and invite his/her friend to a 3-Minute Battle, and the top gift earner wins. The platform had recently launched a free English course to help the platform’s Broadcasters – who come from all over the world, mastering their  English and communication skills. 


Streamkar is a live video streaming social platform from Pakistan which allows users to go live stream to interact with the larger audience. The app is supported by easy UI, with random chats, funny photos and short videos, and a group live chat feature. Users can join StreamKar from anywhere in the world and be a part of Live Videos and enjoy the live games as well. 


JLStream is a social LIVE streaming mobile app that gives users an opportunity to stream their talent, get discovered, chat & earn. The app has a unique feature called K.I.S.S. that stands for ‘Keep It Simple Streamer’ & gives an option to the users to share a short video of their talent along with their introduction to help get discovered faster. Through this app, users can purchase coins in-app and pay streamers via virtual gifts during the live sessions. Streamers can withdraw their earnings instantly via multiple digital payment options.

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