All Govt Employees Above 45 Yrs Should Get Vaccine; No Vaccine For 18-45 Yrs Adults?

"Vaccines aren't given as a matter of individual choice, but according to need"
“Vaccines aren’t given as a matter of individual choice, but according to need”

The central government urged all qualified workers to get vaccinated on Tuesday to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Those over the age of 45 have been allowed to receive COVID-19 vaccines since April 1.

“In view of the above, all central government employees of the age of 45 years and above are advised to get themselves vaccinated so as to effectively contain the spread of COVID-19,” said the order issued to all the central government ministries and departments.

45 Years And Above Will Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

In India, more than 1.63 crore people have received the coronavirus vaccine. Two COVID-19 vaccines — Pune-based Serum Institute of India’s Covishield, a version of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech International Ltd’s Covaxin — have been given emergency usage authorisation and are being used in the government’s vaccination campaign.

The two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be given at a 28-day interval, according to the central government. The second dose of Covishield can be given up to eight weeks after the first, according to a statement released by the Union health ministry on Monday. The increased interval, however, does not refer to Covaxin.

An order issued by the personnel ministry advised employees to continue following COVID-appropriate behaviour even after vaccination, such as frequent hand washing and sanitization, wearing a mask or face cover, and observing social distancing, among other things. 

Not only COVID but all the Vaccines prepare our immune systems to identify and battle external threats. It takes a few weeks for the body to develop immunity against the virus after vaccination. This means that a person could still become infected with Covid-19 within a few days of receiving the vaccine because immunity would not have developed in that time. As a result, even after vaccination, simple precautionary steps must be taken.

“The government has been monitoring the situation very closely, and based on the strategy adopted for prioritising the groups for vaccination to contain the spread of COVlD-19, currently, all persons of the age of 45 years and above can participate in the vaccination exercise,” it said.

Not Possible To Ramp Up Immunisation Suddenly!

On a day that the country reported administering a single-day record of 4.3 million inoculations, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said, “When people say that India isn’t vaccinating fast enough, we must remember that vaccinating isn’t like buying something and carrying it home in a bag; it can’t be immediately accelerated. We are following a scientific protocol. We have to observe people for a half-hour for side effects, reactions. Vaccines aren’t given as a matter of individual choice, but according to need.”

“As there an acute spurt of this disease as a measure to immediately break the chain, limited period continuous lockdown shall be implemented especially for all the non-essential areas like cinema, cultural and religious events, sports, etc,” the letter adds. Vaccines should be made available free of cost at the nearest available centres, the IMA said.

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