47% Indians Will Work From Home This Year; 87% Firms Want Hybrid Work Model For All

According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG)-Zoom survey report, over a third of employees of businesses surveyed (a high 47% for India) will work remotely. Also, according to the report, increased use of technology has become a norm as half of the employees (52% in India) expect to use video conferencing even after the pandemic.

87% Firms Want Hybrid Work Model

Also because of the successful remote collaboration through successful video conferencing solutions, majority of the businesses (87% in India) strongly agree with the statement that their company is considering a flexible remote working model.

Video conferencing tools, according to 70% of businesses surveyed, will continue to be essential for business operations beyond the pandemic.

The pandemic did not spare any industry and brought everyone to economic crossroads, however, few of them could sail through it swiftly by being adaptable and adjusting to the dramatic shifts. These include healthcare, education, technology, and professional services.

Increased Use Of Video Conferencing Solutions

67% of businesses surveyed in the healthcare segment agree to adopt a flexible remote working model because of successful remote collaboration through video conferencing solutions

84% of businesses surveyed in technology segment confirm that the video conferencing solutions will continue to be essential for business operations beyond the pandemic. According to the survey, there has been almost more than 3.5 times increase in the use of video conferencing solutions during the pandemic at businesses. The increase in remote work for professional services has been 2.7 times.

The survey was undertaken with the idea to evaluate the economic impact of remote work and video communications solutions during the pandemic.

As compared to pre covid times, 70% of managers surveyed are more open to flexible remote working models according to BCG’s COVID-19 employee sentiment survey from 2020.

Hybrid working models are here to stay as businesses surveyed expect over a third of employees to work remotely beyond the pandemic.

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