Jobs Are Back! 50% Indian IT Firms Are Hiring; 3-5 Yrs Experienced Staff In Great Demand

The survey spoke with 1,384 recruiters and consultants representing over 10 major sectors. All discourse was virtual.

Naukri’s twice-a-year survey on hiring outlook of companies in the next 6 months has recently concluded with positive results.’s Hiring Outlook survey says that in India hiring is coming back to almost pre-Covid levels as lay offs are reducing and hiring is increasing. 

Here are the figures. 


Business Back to Normal

Terminations accounted for just 1% compared to the 36% in the last survey in which recruiters shared the percentage of their organisations.

40% of those hiring have expressed optimism of returning to normalcy in just 3 months in terms of hiring. This is in contrast to the last survey which had only half the level of consensus.

Recruiters who halted their activities are now at 11% as opposed to the 5% who said they are suspending hiring in the Sep 2020 survey.


Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer,, has added that employers are forthcoming with offering increments to their employees. This reflects the fact that businesses are on the path to recovery from the damage dealt by the contagion.

27% of survey participants will be offering increments greater than 15%. The majority of 35% are more comfortable in the 5-10% bracket. 

Workers with 3-5 years of experience are more in demand.

Skills in Demand

The IT sector leads the pack here, recruiting both new and experienced workers. The focus seems to be on digital skills which is heavily in demand and bolstered by the pandemic which forced physical offices to shut. 

50% of all hiring is for IT roles and 38% have expressed interest in hiring for roles in marketing and business development 

Back to Office?

Campus hiring is also on the rise with about 33% confirming it versus 24% in the September survey.

Finally, more and more firms are returning to physical office operations with 43% confirming the same. The previous survey had only 24% answering in the affirmative.

The Current Picture

All this has also lent credence to the fact that India Inc is no longer in survival mode. With ramped up hiring the firms are back to their focus on driving growth and profitability.

The survey spoke with 1,384 recruiters and consultants representing over 10 major sectors. All discourse was virtual. The collected data was then put under the scanner and produced striking figures such as the ones detailed herein. 

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