Work From Home Ends For Microsoft Employees; Asked To Return To Office From This Date

From Mar 29 all employees will have to report to Microsoft’s physical offices

Having assessed office infrastructure and its capacity to entertain the physical presence of employees, Kurt DelBene, executive vice president, Microsoft, wrote in a blog post that Microsoft is ready to bring in employees instead of continuation of work-from-home (WFH). 

Starting from Mar 29 it will be welcoming the return of employees in its Washington offices.

Stages Of Office Operations

Microsoft has established 6 stages of return to normalcy. Stages 1-3 were already observed. 

  • Stage 1- Closed
  • Stage 2- Mandatory work  from home
  • Stage 3- WFH strongly encouraged
  • Stage 4- Soft open
  • Stage 5- Open with restrictions
  • Stage 6- Open. 

Current Situation

Microsoft described the present to be in line with Stage 4 i.e. soft open where the company is experimenting with bringing in non essential employees all the while following strict safety and hygiene protocols.

Some of the employees will be given the benefit of choosing between WFH and WF office or a hybrid model. 

Mask wearing and social distancing will remain mandatory.

Future Decisions

Stage 5 i.e. open with restrictions will happen only once the virus shows signs of abating and becoming “more like an endemic virus such as the seasonal flu,” as DelBene put it.

The tech giant displayed some foresight as it acknowledged that even when the situation displays some normalcy things are not likely to completely resume business as usual. 

WFH at least less than 50% of the time will be viewed as standard even as Microsoft turns to its final stage of reopening. 

For perspective the American president has set his hopes on the date around July 4 (American independence day) for return to business as usual although not accounting for spikes in active virus cases, new variants (British, South African and Brazilian already active in India) and the readiness of the workforce itself. 

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