70% Indian Companies Will End Work From Home Forever; Why India Is Against WFH?

The contagion coronavirus accelerated the new normal as far as work environment is concerned. We have seen how most of the companies have adopted to WFH culture and are developing hybrid models for work. Though during the times of pandemic being at peak and economy at cross-roads, employees swiftly adapted to the new WFH normal and did not complain amid various job losses and paycuts to avoid being seen in the bad light.

However, recently according to a survey by ValueVox, as much as 59 per cent employers are not in favour of remote working in the new normal. 70 percent say that once the solution to the pandemic is found, they shall discontinue WFH and return to their good old workplaces. This comes amid a survey which says that as many as 3 out of 4 employers highlight no decline in employee productivity due to remote working

This survey was conducted between December 2020 and January 2021 and was done on behalf of Indeed among 1,200 employees and 600 employers across 12 cities in India. It reveals the trend of reverse migration as economic recovery accelerates.

67 % in Large & 70% in Mid-size Indian Firms Against WFH

As opposed to the global number of 60 per cent, 67 per cent large Indian firms are not in favour of remote working set-up once the pandemic is over. For mid-size Indian firms, it is 70 per cent as opposed to the global 34 per cent.

The revelations of the survey are very stark, as according to it as many as 90 per cent of those who are working in a digitally agile start-ups are in favour of discontinuing WFH and remote working.

According to 46 per cent employees, the reverse migration is temporary while 50 per cent are willing to shift back to a metro from their native place if the job demands it.

Only 9 per cent of those who were surveyed said that they will stay on in their native places permanently. It also reveals that 32 per cent are willing to take any form of pay cut if they find suitable employment in their native place.

As far as working in hometown is concerned, the willingness to take a pay cut is inversely proportional to hierarchy. This comes as 88 per cent of senior-level employees are unwilling to take a pay cut.

Remote Working Tricky In Emerging Markets Work Culture

Job postings on Indeed are a real time indicator of labour market activity in India said MD of Indeed India, Sashi Kumar. Calling it a reflection of rapidly evolving work modes, he added that ‘remote’ and ‘WFH’ job searches were up 437 per cent in March 2021 from the same period last year.

He added that remote work has not only pushed companies to reimagine and reorganise their work models but also encouraged workers to adapt to new concepts of flexibility and productivity. He further added that in an emerging market like ours, problem solving is far more effective when people come together and hence it will be interesting to see how remote working plays out post the pandemic recovery.

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