Without FASTags, Vehicles Are Illegal? Can They Ply On Roads? Bombay HC Asks Govt Over Petition

Whether or not the vehicles with FASTag be allowed on the roads is what the Bombay HC is seeking to know from the central government.

Can Vehicles Ply On Roads?

THE BOMBAY High Court on Friday sought to know from the Central government whether the vehicles not having FASTag will be deemed as illegal and not allowed to ply on the roads.

Fines are imposed on non-FASTag vehicles for entering FASTag lanes. Court has also sought the centre’s stance on the same.

A Pune based businessman, Arjun Khanapure had filed a PIL challenging the February 12 and February 14 circulars that made FASTag mandatory and also challenged the policy of doubling the fee for a single journey as penalty for vehicles which are not having FASTag.

The division bench for this decision comprises of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish S Kulkarni.

Inconvenient For Those Not Comfortable With Technology

Since FASTag is a new technology, it is problematic and inconvenient for those who are not comfortable with technology and also that there is no scope for cash payment as all the cash counter or cash lane plazas on all national and state highways have been arbitrarily replaced by FASTag scanner at toll said Advocate Uday Warunjikar, who is appearing for the petitioner.

Whether or not the vehicles not having FASTag will be deemed illegal and will or wont they be able to ply on those roads, is what court has the centre.

Other high courts were informed by the bench that similar such petitions in the past were dismissed. Court said that Singapore got FASTag in 1994, while India is getting that in 2021. However since there are so many petitions, bench must pay heed to it.

In response to the plea by petitioner whose main contention was the fine or the double fee imposed for non-FASTag vehicles, the court has asked the centre to file an affidavit before the next hearing which is scheduled on April 7.

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