Whatsapp, Instagram Down Globally: 3 Things You Can Do Right Away!

Whatsapp, Instagram Down Globally: 3 Things You Can Do Right Away!
Whatsapp, Instagram Down Globally: 3 Things You Can Do Right Away!

Update: Whatsapp and Instagram has been restored as of 11.42PM IST. For some users, it’s still down.

Whatsapp and Instagram users all across the globe reported a massive outage of services. Users were not able to send messages, receive messages on Whatsapp, as all the messages and chats were left undelivered.

On Instagram, users reported that they were unable to refresh feed, and not able to send messages to other users.

Several mainstream media outlets reported this outage, as Whatsapp and Instagram users were left high and dry due to non-availability of services.

As the technicians are still working on the issue, here are 5 things you can do right away (if you are feeling the impact of Whatsapp, Instagram not functioning)

Open Twitter & Enjoy The Memes

As soon as Whatsapp and Instagram went down, hordes of users descended upon Twitter to check the status, and they were not disappointed.

Loyal Twitter users started sharing funny memes that made fun of the outage, and showcased how Twitter was still standing tall amidst this mayhem.

Here are a few funny memes shared on Twitter.

Continue The Conversation on Facebook

In case you were midway of a Whatsapp/Instagram conversation, then you can open up Facebook, and continue the conversation. Facebook reported no downtime, and no service outage and the services are working perfectly fine.

Yes, ofcourse, your friend should be on Facebook for the same.

Install Telegram and/or Signal

Ever since Whatsapp enforced their new privacy policy, several users ditched the platform, and joined Telegram and Signal which promises more privacy, more encryption, and a simplified, discreet messaging platform.

Infact, 80% of Indians are ready to quit Whatsapp for privacy issues.

Here is an easy guide to transfer your Whatsapp chats to Telegram (works only when Whatsapp is working!)

We hope Whatsapp and Instagram are up and running soon, and you can continue to use them without any hindrance. 

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