Google Pay Users Can Delete Transaction Data, Stop Data Sharing With Personalization Options

Unified payment interface (UPI) platforms are aiming to give more control to their users of their account by putting in the driver’s seat as far as managing data is concerned. Google in a blog post revealed that users of Google pay will now be able to delete their payment or transaction history with Google Pay’s updated version for Android and iOS.

Enabling Users To Manage Own Data : Google Pay

If users don’t want Google Pay to personalize their experience, users can view and delete individual transactions and activity records from This is available in the updated version, whereas in the older version, users can only send feedback of any transaction from their payment history.

VP-Product at Google Pay, Ambarish Kenghe said that the new feature will enable users to restrict Google from accessing their transaction history or share them with third parties.

Users, under the new personalization features, may either get prompts or ads based on opting for it or else opt-out of it to get no prompts.

Transactional History Is Not Shared With Anyone : Google Pay VP

Kenghe added that Google pay has taken a step towards giving its users more choice as well as control. How the app shall use the data will now be decided by users. As and when, users update their Google pay app, they shall be asked whether or not to manage data themselves. Also he revealed that no information like transaction history etc is shared with any other Google product for targeting ads.

If an user chooses the personalization option then a more tailored experience within Google Pay will be offered. Whereas if an user chooses otherwise, the app shall work the way it works. If users turn on the personalization, they will receive more relevant offers and rewards based on activity within Google Pay, including their transaction history.

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