Jio Launches New Plans Starting At Rs 22 For 2GB! But There’s A Catch (Check Full Details)

These plans are applicable only for Jio Phone users

Jio will be offering a suite of low cost data plans as announced on Friday.

The plans begin from just Rs 22 to a maximum Rs 152.



A new product under the Jio brand will be hitting the markets soon as Jio debuts the Jiophone 2021. With competitive pricing and bundle packs Jio is striving to spread its wings even further. 

The bundle pack includes the device, a 2GB monthly data cap and unlimited recharge, all for Rs 1999.

A more affordable option is also available wherein customers pay Rs 1499 but for a 1 year plan (instead of 2) with monthly 2GB data quota. 

For either of these plans, upon exhaustion of data limits, the speed will throttle down to 64kbps. 

2GB a month might not be too exciting for an internet hungry market, which is why Jio has also outlined the following prepaid data plans. 

It should be noted that all the plans (as detailed below), upon full data consumption, will be offering lower speeds of 64kbps. The benefits will also be exclusively data-centric. For voice benefits one will have to avail a different plan. 

Rs 22 Prepaid Plan

The plan offers 2GB high speed data for 28 days.

Rs 52 Pack

One can enjoy 6GB of 4G high speed data for 28 days.

Rs 72 Pack

One can enjoy 500MB full speed data for 28 days which amounts to a total of 14GB for the entire month (or 28 days)

Rs 102 Pack

One can expect a daily quota of 1GB with high speed internet access over 28 days, totaling 28GB for the month.

Rs 152 Pack 

This plan provides a 2GB daily limit amounting to a total of 56GB monthly quota.

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