Find Out What Indians Are Buying For Valentines’ Day: Home Date, Self-Care, Kitchen & More

Find Out What Indians Are Buying For Valentines' Day: Home Date, Self-Care, Kitchen & More
Find Out What Indians Are Buying For Valentines’ Day: Home Date, Self-Care, Kitchen & More

Practical is the new romantic. Be it something that makes sense, or something that adds value. Practical should not be mistaken for boring, however.

It is something that has repeat value and won’t wither within days like flowers. While going out to celebrate is still not entirely without risk, it isn’t a must either. A simple home cooked meal for your significant other is always a classic one can fall back on if they can’t think of a gift, or if they want to do something with a more personal touch.

The New Normal

Improvise, adapt and overcome, as the famous meme with Bear Grylls advises. In a way the pandemic has created new opportunities to personalise gifts, or think outside the (gift) box. It has turned conventions on its head, since splurging on fancy gifts would feel out of place today.

Any other year gifts would have had, in some respects, less value compared to today. This is because we perhaps didn’t know our partners as well as we do now, having spent long months hunkered down in our homes with just each other, and not being allowed to step outside. 

Garima Singh, who has created her own brand called Little Miss Elan focussing on lifestyle and beauty niche shared her views on Valentines’ Day gift trends. She said, “Valentines’ Day of 2021 is different, since a pandemic is receding, and a new beginning is happening at the same time. In my humble view, gifting trends between couples are inclined towards self-care accessories and ‘feel good’ products, and this is a good sign, overall. Tech products can witness a downslide, but will hopefully pickup next year.”

Snapdeal shares Trending Gifts

Snapdeal, one of India’s leading online markets, has put out some insights based on search and purchase data regarding the popular choices and new preferences in terms of gifting ideas in a (almost) post pandemic reality.

Comfy Lounge Wear

The outfit of choice for Netflix and chill, one can choose from the large range in Snapdeal and don’t have to compromise comfort or style. The site has witnessed 1.8X increase in searches for loungewear sets.

Romantic Date at Home

Setting the right atmosphere is made easy now by Snapdeal, which has seen increased demand for ambient LED lights, candles and aroma oil diffusers. Fancy tableware, artificial flowers and vases adds to a no-fuss environment. This ensures that no stone is left unturned to make your significant other feel right at home and cherished. 

Makeup and Self Care

True love comes from the self, if the self is happy, that will show in the love they give to others. One can gift organic body care kits to make your love feel pampered. 3 out of 10 orders have included makeup articles this season. Metros have seen popularity of makeup kits and palettes. 

Kitchen Gadgets

Continuing the trend of practicality over sentimentality, more and more couples are going for devices like air fryers (which has seen popularity in the western markets as well), coffee makers and smoothie makers. This trend can also be attributed to new year resolutions focusing on fitness and health.  Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chandigarh have seen the highest orders for air fryers. 

Tech Items and Accessories

Even if all else is uncertain the fascination and novelty of tech gadgets endure. Snapdeal has received an influx of orders for personal use gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers and headphones, collar earphones for those frustrated with tangling wires, earpods and phone stands which have seen resurgence in the last 2 months. Tier 3 cities of Nagpur and Baroda opted for unique combo gifts like power banks and earrings, selfie sticks and dresses, rings for couples with pillow massagers and more!

Make sure you don’t miss out on these excellent offerings that won’t hurt your wallet, and have the time of your life with your partner in crime on a cozy, understated Valentines day of 2021.

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