Free Airtel, Jio Users Of Disney+Hotstar VIP Can Upgrade To Premium – But You Need To Pay Extra!

Free Airtel, Jio Users Of Disney+Hotstar VIP Can Upgrade To Premium - But You Need To Pay Extra!
Free Airtel, Jio Users Of Disney+Hotstar VIP Can Upgrade To Premium – But You Need To Pay Extra!

Various streaming benefits are being offered by telecom companies such as Jio & Airtel. VIP Subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, which comes with Airtel and Jio prepaid plans is one such common streaming benefit. However, the premium subscription, till date, had not been offered by any of the telecom majors. Reportedly, the VIP subscribers of Disney+ Hotstar can now upgrade to a Premium subscription.

How to Upgrade?

The users of Disney+ Hotstar VIP have to do the following :-

  • Log in to their account
  • Tap on the upgrade option
  • Pay the balance amount

Depending upon the remaining time period of the VIP subscription, the subscribers will have to pay an amount. The remaining amount i.e. balance amount of the VIP subscription will be deducted from the Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual subscription fee. Only Tech was the first one to note this development.

According to the documents cited by the report, till date, the promotional offers or coupons were not considered by Disney+ Hotstar as direct purchases. Due to this reason, the upgrade to a premium subscription was not allowed & as a result these users were previously asked to purchase a premium subscription to Disney+ Hotstar separately.

Hence with these current developments in the market, by logging into their accounts and paying the remaining balance, these users can upgrade to the premium subscription.

Though not officially announced by the company, the subscription price of Disney+ Hotstar is most likely to be increased. Varied pricing between Rs 399, Rs 499, and Rs 599 across devices was charged as the subscription price.

Through their hep page on Twitter, Disney+ Hotstar replied that the price for Disney+ Hotstar VIP is revised and customers shall soon see the new prices.

As opposed to VIP subscribers who could watch a resolution up to HD and Dolby 5.1 audio on one screen, the premium subscribers can watch FHD quality on two screens.

The premium premium users get English as well as dubbed audio as opposed to the VIP users who get only the dubbed audio.

Airtel & Jio Prepaid Plans :

Disney+ Hotstar benefits are offered in a range of plans by Airtel & Jio. The Rs 401 plan provides the following benefits:

Airtel Rs 401 prepaid plan: Along with an annual VIP subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, this plan with 28 days validity offers 30GB data. This is a data-only plan and does not offer any calling benefits.

Jio Rs 401 prepaid plan: Offering unlimited domestic calls from Jio to any network within the country, this plan gives 90GB data with additional 6GB for 28 days. This plan comes with a yearly subscription to Disney+ Hotstar.

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