This State Govt Orders Upto 30% Reduction In Tuition Fees For All Students In 2021

Karnataka government has ordered schools to reduce the tuition fees.

In the light of COVID-19, Karnataka government on Friday ordered schools to reduce the tuition fees for the current academic year by 30%. These orders are given to all schools, may it be following central syllabi or state syllabi. The government went a step ahead and said that no other fees like development etc or any other can be charged apart from tuition fee.

According to the order by the state government, that for the next year the school managements will have to adjust the amount in the fee paid, if in case parents have already paid the full fees.

A section of parents took it to protest in front of the residence of Karnataka’s Primary and Secondary Education Minister S Suresh Kumar and the decision regarding the same came after two weeks. The minister’s residence in Bengaluru’s Basaveshwarnagar, witnessed Karnataka Private School Parent Organization Coordinating Committee sweeping the street as a form of protest in order for the Minister to reduce the fees in the backdrop of the pandemic.

On January 5, in the light of the COVID-19-induced economic slowdown, an advisory calling for reduction in school fees by its member schools was passed by Associated Management of Primary and Secondary School (KAMS).

Instructions To Schools:-

As per the advisory issued by KAMS, following are the instructions in the current year:-

  • The school with fee structure is more than Rs 25,000 per annum can reduce 20% to 25%. 
  • The school with fee structure between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per annum are asked to relax the special development
  • The school with fee structure is less than Rs 15,000 per annum can reduce their term fee to a maximum of 10% of their whole tuition fee.

The General Secretary of KAMS, Shashi Kumar said that the reduction is not just 30% of the tuition fee, but in actuality be almost 40-50%, as the government has not only asked to reduce tuition fee but also directed us not to collect any fess for laboratory, sports and computer education.

Regulate The Schools But Also Issue Guidelines For Parents:-

Instead of just regulating the schools, the government should also regulate and issue guidelines to them as well. This is because there are some parents who have not paid the fees for the past two years. He added that either this or government could have helped the schools who have already reduced their fees by 20-25 percent by directing the parents towards those schools.

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