Tech Mahindra Wants To Partner With Jio For 5G Services In India: India’s Biggest 5G Alliance?

Tech Mahindra looks forward to collaborating with Reliance Jio, in providing 5G network solutions globally.
Tech Mahindra looks forward to collaborating with Reliance Jio, in providing 5G network solutions globally.

The Indian multinational technology company Tech Mahindra has put forward its view and vision to collaborate with the telecom major Reliance Jio, in providing its software expertise to the 5G network developed by the telco.

Doing so, would place the tech company in the aggressive 5G telecom network space, which has already been developed by Jio and is now in talks of being sold globally.

Let’s learn more about this.

Tech Mahindra’s Looks Forward to Working with Reliance Jio

It has been reported that Tech Mahindra is looking forward to collaborating with Reliance Jio on providing 5G solutions globally.

The tech company claims that it sees this partnership as a medium of ‘expansion of the industry’, rather than competition.

Manish Vyas, president, communications, network media and entertainment and CEO network services, states that among the various contributions it can make to Jio, is its footprint with virtually every telecom service operator worldwide outside of China.

He adds that as TechM is already working largely with telco operators worldwide, it can tap these capabilities and integrate them for a company like Jio.

“This allows us to partner with different people who have the best Intellectual Property Rights in software. Our strategy is to be a continuous integrator.”, states Vyas.

TechM Stating its Plan of Action

The Japanese 5G service provider Rakuten has launched the first open RAN (radio access network) on 5G globally, which is based on the integration of multiple technologies.

Vyas notes that the new 5G tech is open and software-based, taking an example from the launch of Rakuten 5G network services.

“It means firms like us can provide integration capabilities based on open architecture which we can bring to the world.”

TechM is also building software for network management and has started the procedure of registering for patents.

It will also build software for the 4G and 5G core and radios, customised for the needs of the operator.

Vyas adds that the open RAN model will eliminate the need of traditional end-to-end providers like Huawei, Nokia or Ericsson, which will help operators like Jio to disrupt the supply chain and facilitate them with more options to buy software and hardware.

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