Chinese Man Arrested For Heading Rs 21,000 Crore Instant Loan Scam Which Killed People

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As a part of the ongoing investigation into a multi-crore online loan scam, a Chinese national has been arrested by Hyderabad police. The loan scam involves a large network of companies that charged interest as high as 36 per cent from their victims. Later, they would harass its borrowers.

Head of Operations Arrested At Delhi Airport :-

On Wednesday, The 27-year-old, Chinese national Zhu Wei (alias Lambo) belonging to China’s Jiangxi province was intercepted at the Delhi Airport and arrested, while he was trying to leave the country.

Zhu Wei, is the head of operations of four companies, namely, Aglow Technologies, Liufang Technologies, Nabloom Technologies, and Pinprint Technologies. Allegedly these companies are running illegal loan apps.

The police investigation was launched after three people, including a techie, died by suicide on alleged harassment by online loan sharks. The investigation also revealed that so far these firms have made at least 1.4 crore financial transactions which are worth nearly ? 21,000 crore.

The police said that bulk of these transactions which happened over the last six months through payment gateways and bank accounts linked to these companies. Police also added that large number of international transactions have also happened through bit coins.

More Arrests Related To Scam :-

Another arrest was that of a employee named K Nagaraju from Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool District. Allegedly, Nagaraju played a key role in operation of call centers. Reportedly, these were the call centers which reportedly threatened, harassed and abused borrowers.

The number of people arrested by the Hyderabad Police in this scam has gone up to 18 with this.

More and more people have been arrested parallel by police in Cyberabad, Rachakonda and Andhra Pradesh in the multi-city scam, which also has footprints in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Bengaluru. These are the locations from where the call centers were operating.

According to the police the accused revealed, during questioning, that another Chinese national, Yuan Yuan (alias Sissi and Jennifer) who presently is abroad, had set up operations in India

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