Govt Will Remove All Toll Plazas In 2 Years: GPS Based Toll Collection On Highways?

Govt Will Remove All Toll Plazas In 2 Years: GPS Based Toll Collection On Highways?
  • Government to make India Toll Naka free in the next two years.
  • GPS based toll collection system has been finalized to reach the target.

After making the toll collection electronic by installing FASTags, the government is now aiming to entirely remove toll plazas throughout the country in the next two years, assured Union minister for road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari.

The government is planning to adopt a Global Positioning System (GPS) based automatic toll collection system.

How Is The GPS Toll Collection System Going To Work?

“With the help of the Russian Government we have accepted the GPS system and in the next two years we will have a toll collection system running on GPS technology,” Gadkari said at the Assocham Foundation Week event. 

The GPS will help track the movement of the vehicle based on which the toll amount will be deducted directly from the bank account of the driver.

“While now all commercial vehicles are coming with vehicle tracking systems, the Government will come up with some plan to install GPS technology in old vehicles,” Gadkari added.

The Union road transport and highways ministry has come up with this system to make India toll Naka free ensuring smooth movement of vehicles without any traffic on highways.

What Is The Advantage Of This New Initiative?

Besides the reduction of traffic congestion and removal of toll plazas, the automation in toll collections will also lead to economic benefits for the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

“Yesterday, there was a presentation in the presence of the secretary, road transport and highways, and chairman, NHAI. By using GPS technology for toll collection we expect that our toll income in the next five years will be ?1,34,000 crore,” the minister said. 

The central government is taking a lot of initiative to improve transportation convenience. Previously, the government had installed the electronic RFID based toll collection devices on all toll plazas and made the use of FASTags compulsory throughout the nation.

Because adaptation of FASTags the total income of NHAI is expected to reach 34,000 crore which is much more than last year where the collected amount was Rs 24,000 crore. Along with this the electronic toll collection system became transparent, promoted cashless transactions, and reduced unnecessary fuel consumption.

It will be interesting to see the installation of the GPS based toll collection system. We will keep you updated regarding the same. 

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