Cyberpunk 2077 Pulled Down From PlayStation, Sony Confirms: New Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date?

Cyberpunk 2077 has been pulled down from PlayStation Store by Sony. The tech giant has reacted to the massive bug backlash. Cyberpunk 2077 release has already been reported with multiple bugs and poor console performance. Sony will pull down Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Stores around the world after thousands of complaints.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pulled Down From PlayStation, Sony Confirms: New Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date?

Multiple users have repeatedly complained about bugs, compatibility and even health risks.

The dystopian-themed game is one of the most expensive video games ever made. Cyberpunk 2077 release date finally was set on December 10, but the rollout has again been delayed. Already users are posting videos on Twitter about glitchy graphics and compatibility issues.

Sony Pulls Down Cyberpunk 2077: Cyberpunk 2077 Banned?

SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) have responded to the massive Cyberpunk 2077 bug backlash, said “SIE strives to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, therefore we will begin to offer a full refund for all gamers who have purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store.”

SIE added, “they will also be removing Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store until further notice.”

The Warsaw-based developer of Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt RED also issued an apology and vowed to “fix bugs and crashes” with patches in January and February, at the same time offering refunds to gamers not willing to wait.

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Delays: Violence Major Issue?

Cyberpunk 2077 release was delayed twice this year. The Polish gaming company also said that they are looking into a “more permanent solution” to tackle the health risk “as soon as possible”. The firm has blamed the coronavirus pandemic for the repeated delays.

Last week the Polish gaming company responded to the complaints saying that it’s complicated to create such a vast world for nine different platforms including Xbox consoles and PCs, which again sparked a fierce backlash and even death threats.

The game features the face and voice of Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves.

Cyberpunk Release Date (New): February 2021?

The developer, CD Projekt RED is said to have spent an estimated 1.2 billion (around Rs 2,400 crores) to make Cyberpunk 2077, according to analysts at Polish bank BOS, making Cyberpunk 2077 one of the most expensive games ever made.

The company have previously developed the hugely successful Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a sombre fantasy game. Though it has now lost billions in value since the Cyberpunk 2077 launch last week, with the stock hitting new lows.

On Friday, Sony’s stock was up 2.7 percent at JPY 10,295 (around Rs 7,300). While the developer says the game will be glitch-free in a month or so, the previous delays don’t give any positive light to it. Delays are very common among developers now. Cyberpunk 2077 future release date will soon be considered.

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