iPhone Maker Files FIR Against 7000 Indian Employees; Stops Hiring 25,000 Workers Due To Violence

iPhone Maker Files FIR Against 7000 Indian Employees; Stops Hiring 25,000 Workers
iPhone Maker Files FIR Against 7000 Indian Employees; Stops Hiring 25,000 Workers

The iPhone facility in Karnataka was vandalized yesterday, and the company has filed an FIR against 7000 Indian employees.

News is that Winstron has also halted the hiring of 25,000 workers due to the violence. 

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Winstron Registers FIR Against 7000 Employees  For Vandalism

Wistron Pvt Ltd., the manufacturing facility of Apple iPhones in India was damaged yesterday and the losses have been as much as T$200 million ($7.12 million). The company is one of Apple’s top global suppliers.

As per reports, thousands of contract workers gathered at the facility to demand unpaid wages and better working hours. As the police arrived, the crowd became violent and damaged the equipment and cars in the vicinity. 

A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against 7,000 unknown people which includes 5,000 contract workers. The FIR states that the damage has been estimated by the company of over Rs 437.7 crores. 

The company also issued a statement to the Taiwan Stock Exchange, where it was specified that major production facilities and warehouses hadn’t faced any serious damages, which was reported by the local media. Initially, the company had estimated the losses at T$100-200 million. 

In the statement, Winstron also states, “We are deeply shocked by the events at our Narasapura facility. We follow the law and are supporting the authorities with their investigation. The safety and wellbeing of our team members are always our top priority.” 

Hiring Plans At The Winstron Plant To Be Halted?

The company had plans to hire up to 25,000 employees by the end of the year along with investment worth an additional Rs 900 crore to extend its operations in Karnataka. However, given the circumstances, sources close to the development have revealed that the company might not go ahead with the same plan. 

Apple Inc has said that an investigation is being conducted to check if Wistron is flouting the guidelines issued by Apple. Staff and auditors are also being sent to the site by Apple and are cooperating with the police with their investigation. 

The company reportedly considers the vandalism as a planned conspiracy to rob the plant.

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